Check out pictures and video of Queen Latifah’s longtime girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins on vacation and a photo shoo for her latest work out DVD with Kelly Rowland. Is Jeanette a dime,nine piece or straight eight ball?

  • Damn the queen….she needs to invest in plastic surgery

  • Shes not bad honestly,her body is kinda avg to me…she’s cool I guess LOL. But the pics of queen latifah..ughh LOL. Queen latifah is #teamchocolate LOL

    • F.B.I.

      She is a straight six.

      • trap101

        I give her a 4 based off of her playing on that “rainbow” squad a.k.a #teamchocolate. But seriously though she get’s a 4 for playing on that squad, could’ve gotten a 7.

        • queso BP.1

          Queen latifahs back is lookin like @FBI back in that last pic. Lol

  • Shug (The Real Deal)

    My gaud! what the fuk?

  • Infamous

    No respect for these retched gargoyles…

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    Am I the only one that noticed That Queen Latifah’s big movie role was a Gay role?……….Hollywood aka Jews play a Major role in that Gay shit

    other than that Kelly looking real good in that video

    I don’t rate Gay women so Jeanette is a ZERO to me

  • juice

    what a shame

  • Simba


    Maybe 7 in a nice outfit.

    Latifah is a minus 5. She’s in the negative scale.

  • Scola

    Straight Eight ball in Rick Ross voice

  • I think I’m going to throw up.

  • cnitty

    Da queen has a nice face when made up but her back looks like a old man’s .

  • jake

    Jeanette Jenkins have some big arms, she must be getting a good workout from picking up Queen Latifah’s big a.s.s.

  • realtalkldn

    filth, lolol queen latifah actually look like a dude to the untrained eye in these shots

  • mindlessmissy

    Sigh. There be some intolerant mufawkers up on these boards …

    So the fact that she may be Lesbian makes her unfit to be given a score ?

    The question asked for a rating NOT for you to marry her !

    • Infamous

      STFU, who asked U?

  • BigBlackDude

    Not my type of lesbian, she and the king/queen can stay together…..I’ll pass….

  • kai

    I think she’s pretty with make up, but without she’s rough looking. She’s a 5. Queen looks like age and weight is messing her up. Queen threw hints when she use to rap and from being on tv shows, she always had that manly demeanor. Being gay is against my religion, but I’m not a homophobic either, a lot of them are cool people..

  • TYBO2020


  • L


  • KG

    whole lotta plastic and fish rubbin fish..

  • Bob

    hom0s will burn in hell! Repent!