PYT Christina

· June 6, 2011

19 year old Christina is a from Cali is a certified PYT. What do you rate her 1-10?

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  1. Tyga says:


    • F.B.I. (female body inspector) says:

      Agreed! She is a cutie but nothing special. Today must be Mediocre Monday.

    • rexbrothasoul says:

      she aiight i’ll pass tho imma dog that need meat on the bones i chew and i dont see meat nowhere in sight YALL CAN HAVE THIS 1!!! NEXT

  2. gzbx_NY says:

    i f*cks with her… cus she cute AND she be burning..its hard to find a cute chick that be burning…MOST of the girls that be smoking Tht Kush look like a Boxer in the face ( AND YES I MEAN THE DOG) …she got the cute face tho…BODY AINT SHIT THO..ill give her a 7, just cus she cute..

  3. go get it says:


  4. B STRAIT UP says:

    yo this chick is a very pretty girl,a facetime post nominee no doubt. im gon say she is a nice lookin chick but she just lacks the body type that i really like. but i also can see some dudes sayn she is “dime” material also. this one here comes down to preference,if ur a dude that wants a real pretty face then this chick is your speed. if ur a guy thats more into thicker curvier bodies then she may not be so appealing to u. but this youngin would surely get smashed by most,but her ratings may vary,strait up!

    • Too_Funny says:

      @B, thats y Hahz name the post PYT. she slimm hopefully she will end up with a body Nicole Murphy.

      • B STRAIT UP says:

        @toofunny,oh yeah she would definitely be a banger if she reached nicole murphys level(physically). but she still wont come close to………im not even gon start lmao!

  5. mr. leftfoot says:

    she need to gain about 10-15 pounds&she’d be a strong 9…I DEFINITELY smash

  6. Reef215 says:

    she a 10 compared to your average chick, she an 8 compare to your average bad chick, and she a 6 compared to your average “dumb bad” internet model….as a matter of fact comparing her to Portia will make her like a 5.

  7. Cold and Hot says:

    She gotta cute girl next door look about her.

  8. DELVIN says:

    Like to see her at 25 after she been smash coupled of times

  9. Quai-Quai_19 says:

    She has the same age as mine. We’re ’90s babies!

  10. TruDat says:

    Check back with me after she’s had some of Nana’s home cookin. LOL

    One Love

  11. mr.p says:

    F#ck y’all she’s sexy to me lol she’s prob a 8 to me.

    • too funny says:

      @mr.p, and she probably taller than you too, lol naw I’m fukkin with ou homie. I concur with you thou she is sexy.

  12. This is my kind of chick.

  13. joed says:

    She a good, solid 8 without discriminating against petite or slim chicks.(People need to Think outside the ass, I mean box)

  14. slim_mendoza says:

    Taking everything into account; she’s nice but I can’t go higher than 7 on this one. Lots of potential though. I’d like to see a few different looks with her hair and wardrobe. She’s like an investment property. If you’re 19, you lock her down and wait for her to flourish.

  15. gphi says:

    She’s OK. PEACE!!!

  16. gphi says:

    1-10…I give her an 8. PEACE!!!

  17. G 26's says:

    she beautiful I give her 8 peace

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