Chicago rapper Chief Keef will start off the new year fighting for his freedom in court tomorrow (January 2). Prosecutors are attempting to put Chief Keef in jail, after he moved from his old residence, without telling his probation officer.

The rap star, born Keith Cozart, has moved from a residence with his uncle, into a house in the upscale neighborhood of Northbrook.

The sudden move has angered his probation officers and caused alarm for some of the residents of Northbrook, who fear his ties to the Black Gangster Disciples could bring problems to the neighborhood.

The rapper, who is on probation for pointing a gun at a police officer, is also facing a court date later in the month for a separate, alleged parole violation.

In that case, Chief Keef is accused of holding a gun at a range in New York in a video for Pitchfork Media, in violation of his probation.

  • President Ward

    Damn, this dude go too jail for everything.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Aye how the hell did he manage to not get shot after pointing a weapon at a cop? And if those upscale crackas so scared of what may come to them then tell their fellow whites to stop cutting the checks for these ignorant azz rappers.

    Amazing how whites don’t want these ppl in their hood but the record label owners may very well live in that same upscale neighborhood.

    I aint even spoke on that rachet photo of him and his mother. Its a culture thing because my mother wouldn’t allow me to sag like that, grown or not.

    • too much truth with that said @moor

    • presto 2.5

      nah…Fans like you “cut the checks” by idolizing/immulating the same niccas you claim to be the problem…

      yes you @MoorFeen…the nicca that just quoted Keef yesterday tryn to be kool…

      ((Moor’s previous comment to prest))…”No…we dont use hands boi” (refering to him shooting prest)…from the song “Sosa”…prest aint dumb nicca!…LMAO!…#MoorExposed

      nicca was quoting Keef last year and @Bstr8 clowned him…and he recanted his stupidity…

      dont nobody want a hard head nicca like Keef next door wit all dat gunplay…but blame’n it on the whyteman is your scapegoat for life…lol

      that was for the lame azz comment under @FBI reply…#ImBuiltForThis

      • too_funny

        @presto 2.5_cents….always bring up old shyt trying to start new shyt.

        and for a minute i thought that was ur old lookin black azz face in the pic until i read the caption it was his mama.

        ….they might not want his thug azz living their neighborhood, but their kids damn sure know who is and supporting his azz buying his shyt.

        • presto 2.5

          lol…Exactly my stinky friend

          and if he “Did shyt the right way”…they couldnt have stop him…#SelfDefeated

          and dont come rescue your lil mans…lmao!

          • MoorFedayeen

            @Too Funny, Cause @Prest is a downlow f@g and a f*ck n1gga that doesn’t know the difference between serious political post and jokes on light hearted post.

            Aye lil Pedo .0, I aint gave Keef a gotdamn DIME so how do I support that bum n1gga? Make sense at least when you criticize…but sense is something Jesus freaks seldom make. How bout it?

          • presto 2.5


            yep…”He mad now…”…LMFAO!!!!!!


            “Jesus Freak”…LMFAO!!!

            nicca i’ll buy yo lil azz and have change left over…you actually think prest gives a fuk what ppl think dont you?…lol…that i actually care how folk gonna respond to my ANS antics and the facts that i present?…LMAO!…you jus want prest to stop dont you?…lol

  • Truth

    I feel sorry for his new neighbors

  • Kdot

    Folks in Northbrook don’t play. That is a very wealthy northshore neighborhood. Lots of jewish people there. The last person they want moving there in Chief Keef.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Jews dominate the music industry. Look behind NWA or ask Cube. There’s so much irony in your facts and mine. These ppl have the nerve to be indignant.

  • Drank

    I would say I feel for his neighbors but I have a feeling he won’t be there long because he will f*** up.


    Who’ll be the 1st to get jailed time or killed Katt Williams / Cheif Keef ?

  • archer24

    I wouldnt want that pants saggin homo thug next door to me either.