‘Preacher Wives’ Reality Series Coming To TLC & Eddie Long Crowned King (Video)

· February 1, 2012

TLC, a network that’s become famous for featuring non-traditional religious families (the polygamous Browns on Sister Wives and endlessly child-bearing Duggars on 19 Kids & Counting),announced it has partnered with the producers of Real Housewives of Atlanta to create a religious housewives show, Preacher Wives.

TLC announced Tuesday plans to work with RHOA’s production company, True Entertainment, to create a reality series featuring the church and home lives of pastors’ wives in Atlanta, the Hollywood Reporter wrote.

“We are excited to work with TLC to profile the lives of these strong-willed women,” True Entertainment president Steven Weinstock said about the new programming. “With most praise in religious communities directed towards male preachers, we are thrilled to give these remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve.”

The network has not released the name of the women featured on the show or its premiere date, leaving us to speculate.

Vanessa Long, wife of Atlanta’s New Birth Missionary Baptist pastor Eddie Long (who was recently accused of se*ually abusing young men in the congregation), is probably out since she recently filed for divorce.

Sandra Stanley, who’s married to the pastor of the best-known megachurch in the Atlanta area, Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church, would be the biggest name pick, but she doesn’t really seem like the type to go for drama or ridiculous publicity (which we know the real housewives are prone to).

Christian viewers in particular may be paying attention to where TLC goes with the upcoming series, the network’s first to spotlight mainstream Christianity in the U.S. Source

Are you going to watch this show?

New Birth Crowns Eddie Long as King

  • Big D

    I bet they gonna pick nothing but pulpit pimps. No one on the show is going to be true to the game.

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    this shit is stressfull

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    Watch what God does to Eddie Long ,and New Birth.

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    CULT !!!!!!!!