Standing only 5’5 is not a excuse for Porter Mayberry not dunking on your head. This man can JUMP. His vertical is off the charts (somewhere between 45-48 inches). The montage of dunks shown here shows that despite being the one of the smallest human beings ever to dunk a basketball, he’s also among the best.


  • MalleG’s

    Dude makes it look so effortless, his hops are sick. In my Dick Vitale voice “He’s a high flyer baby!!!”

  • WildWild

    Hahz what’s up with you headlines… You must’ve had a non sports fan write that or some intern you forgetting about Mugsy 5’3 come on

    • jamar

      was Mugsy throwing it down.


      Did you mean Spud Webb? I don’t ever recall Mugsy Bouges dunking!

  • queso BP.1

    yea dude got some hops!

  • Tony Money

    he look about 5’8″

    • liyahh

      nooo h is really only 55

  • C

    Honestly,I’ve seen short dudes like him poke in the hood/HS. He’s still the best I’ve seen tho