Porsha Stewart Looking Pretty In Pink

· July 31, 2013


“Real house wife of Atlanta” Porsha Stewart’s favorite color is pink and she wears it well. What do think?


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  1. lazarus says:

    this woman looks good as he!! to me. Maybe its jus me, but i would go real hard with this.

  2. TruthRevealer says:

    yeah i’ll take that in a heartbeat especially if she has a personality to match.

  3. Floyd Neal says:

    I see she still rocking the wedding ring!!

  4. RED(MGC) says:

    I like her

  5. K-iller (DaCorpNigga) says:

    Definitely one of the best looking housewives if not the best all round! (Besides kandi) (throws up 8.5 card)

  6. Mister Mister says:

    She’s super badd….

  7. 828jeffe says:

    Porsha is bad as hell. Good luck whoever gets her cause its gonna co$t

  8. cadillacgrease of CorpTx says:

    niiice….real niiiice!

  9. Pceezy says:

    Kordell got him one with this one,,, she gonna b bad for the long haul

  10. miller says:

    not really fan of porsha but she looks good here

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