Atlanta super producer Polow Da Don called out Diddy via Twitter cause he felt sending prayers to Trayvon’s family wasn’t enough.

Let’s face it people.. everyone brags about how rich and powerful they are until a tragedy like this goes down, then they become silent.. The most we get out of the most powerful voices in our communities is a prayer or a moment of silence. When is some going to flex their power, make a stand, make a political statement?I salute Jamie Foxx cause he has done more then 99% of the entertainers a majority of a society worship.
2Pac talked about this issue in his last interview, these rappers don’t care about these kids, listen to their words and then watch their actions. When Marlon Brando was pissed at the treatment of Native Indians, he boycotted the Oscars, he won an Oscar that night to, but he made a political statement.


  • Mo

    Polow Da Don? The same nicca with MDMA all over his twitter?

  • Citah

    Diddy was extremely vocal & nearly campaigning during the 2008 Election… been real quiet lately..

    • MoorDetroitRed

      Cause obviously he was paid for that. He’s a Hollywood coon like Jay and Russell so what he expect. Bet if FL tried to ban Ciroc he’d be all u and down the street with Al Sharpton holding hands. F*ck ’em.

      S/o to Polow though. Niggas might try to black ball u though.

      • still118

        Black ball or not man that nigga zone 4 he ain’t studying that weak shit…#actionsspeaklouder

  • prettymanny

    The truest thing I have read coming out of an entertainers mouth. But sadly nothing is likely to change given the fact that most people in the black community have some kind of dementia when it comes to these types of issue. The outrage be forgotten in a few weeks.

  • Tonio

    WTF Diddy supposed to do? It ain’t like he can buy Trayvon back to life. What’s done is done this ain’t the last time something like this will happen…unfortunately

  • mrat93

    Isn’t polow the self proclaimed king of white girls who routinely threw black females under the bus?

  • BullnBearHP

    Wow… I

  • BzB

    i see dudes sitting in they glass houses throwing stones again…

  • Big P

    ON SOME REAL …. The only way white people will open their eyes is if we boycott their businesses. It may not be the answer for everything but its a start. This country was built off of the blood people of color. We are all descedants of slaves and that establishment exists today. They try to divide us and it always worked (drugs, alcohol, gambling, money, etc). I hope my brothers and sisters open their eyes and realize that this racist bullshit exists everywhere. Educate yourselves before its too late.

    • Mister Mister

      Yeah, I would love to take it back to Tulsa when we did it on our own before them jealous CACs came & burned it down.

      On the low, I feel we have enough of our own to it plus the buying power, but nobody wants to organize it.

      We’re projected to have over $1 Trillion in buying power by 2015. We can pretty much do it on our own.

      • Big P

        Very interesting fact. This country would collapse if it wasnt for latinos and blacks. I think about shit like this when i get dirty looks from white people sometimes. Some of them are totally clueless.

  • Diddy can’t do nothing he is part of the establishment.

    • bob

      What can he do anyway? Diddy or any black millionaire has no power what goes on in America!

      • Omen

        Its funny how when white people have money they seem to have control but when black people have money “nothing can be done” lol.. how we are program to believe that to me is disturbing. alot can be done to change these events but we are too weak minded and have too much fear to change anything.. so the best excuse is “remain calm and pray for jesus to handle everything” or maybe god will judge them.. not realizing that the letter J wasn’t even in the Hebrew language until the1500 so who is jesus.. and God is a racist as well.. read Numbers chapter 12.. aaron marrys a women named miraim and because she was ethiopian god came down and changed her from black to leprious “white as snow” into a white women.. god and jesus will never come and save black people.. we are gods and goddess and re need to reassemble our “Junk DNA” in order to understand that… because we are such a low level of consciousness because of the angelic wars which left our DNA Dissembled we lost all of our God Consciousness and this is how they were able to invade earth and its black nation then enslave them, anihalate them, and conquer aplanet for its rescources.. whites and their Devil forefathers Brahma, Jehova, Jesus, Lucifer are part of the Drakonion lineage from the Orion Star system.. they lost Gaia/Orion War and been on a quest called the” Holy Grail” or “Grail Quest” to take over all planets with angelic beings onit.. what we need to do is learn how to meditate and rediscover our natrual abilities of telekinisis, levitation, forcefield, teleportation, etc in order to fight back.. what we are experiencing is only the beginning. everything isabout to come to full circle very soon. this situation is just aspark of another war called “The Final Judgement” if they are unnsuccessful their life and lineage is on the line because they dont have a home planet this is why white people are here in the first place

        • Mister Mister

          I’m not trying to engage into no religious/spiritual exchange because it’s a sensitive topic for everybody. But in regards to Miriam & the leprosy case, it is said she was struck with the disease because her & Aaron were talking negative about God. I don’t think it was on some He’s racist tip. If anything, it’s almost like having that white skin is the disease itself lol

          In regards to everything else you said, that’s personal belief.

          • Now Thats Pcp

            All that knowledge Omen spit and thats all you could come up with…..smh

        • bob

          Nigga, wtf are you talking about? What can Diddy do? He can make Zimmerman go to prison because he is worthy 550 million? GTFOH! LOL! Even, white mofos can make a man go to prison because they are rich.

  • Bob

    Diddy would assassinate Polow Da Don before he EVER did anything to challenge the white establishment he bootlicks from.

  • Now Thats Pcp

    Polow is speaking some real shit……all black people do is send prayers for ‘EVERYTHING” but if the bible even says “Whats Faith without Work”…..In addition to prayer, why dont we give out resources,money, contacts etc……Entertainers are quick to make it rain but have you ever heard of them FUNDING lawyers, LOBBYING to change LAWS, STARTING BUSINESSES and hiring fans/ and or people from the impoverished neighborhood they come from…….They are quick to speak on death and gangster shit but cant speak on injustices with the same PASSION like Pac did………..S/N I was so heated when The Martins lawyers was on Cnn and didn’t speak there true feelings only politically correct answers instead of speaking from the heart regardless of consequence

    • bob

      You are stupid because no entertainer can change a damn law. Old dumbass! They don’t have no power in the law.

      • Now Thats Pcp

        Did I say change the law shit face but they can bring attention to these vs laws to spark the momentum that’s leads to pressure for reform…..civil rights wasn’t in effect till 64 when the people started speaking out for it….Don’t talk to your elders like that unless you know there mindstate

  • DCAssLuva

    thats how i feel about everybody on twitter all they do is tweet #free somebody or #pray4 what the fuckk your prayers and tweets gonna do

    and these millionares when they do that shit i just shake my head u have enough money too give back too hoods but all u niggass do is make terrible music too make blacks kill each other and pop bottles

    • bob

      Niggas can do wtf they want with their money and you can’t do shit about it! LOL!

  • BullnBearHP

    I don’t get it…. MLK and his marchers had zero resources and changed laws… are you saying millionaires can’t change anything? If this is the way you think then you don’t know how america is run… I know one thing you can do…thinking Stevie Wonder…

  • 4xtra

    I think you guys forget something here….
    Diddy and the rest of these clowns are NOT elected officials..