Police in Michigan told a man to “put the knife down” before eventually shooting and killing him, a recently released video shows.
CNN obtained the footage which shows Milton Hall, 49, being shot by multiple Saginaw police officers. As many as 46 shots were fired during the altercation which took place on July 1.
The shooting happened in a parking lot on a busy commercial road. Hall is seen arguing with police officers after he “had just had a run-in with a convenience store clerk,” according to CNN. A tense standoff in which Hall refused to drop the knife preceded the fatal burst of gunfire. Police were summoned to the scene by Hall, who had called 911 and said “I’m Milton Hall and I’m pissed off.”
Saginaw Police Chief Gerald Cliff said Hall was

“known to be an assaultive person” with “a long history” of contacts with law enforcement, “not only with police from our department but with the county,” CNN reports. Michigan State Police are investigating the killing.
“It appeared to be a firing squad dressed in police uniforms,” Hall’s mother Jewel told CNN. “They did not have to kill him. He had not done anything.”

The Saginaw News reports that Matthew Frey, the Republican candidate to become Saginaw County’s next prosecutor, said he would “review the case again” if the homicide is ruled justifiable, were he to win election. “I am extremely upset over what I saw,” Frey said.

WNEW reported today that about 100 people gathered in Saginaw to pray for Hall. The six officers involved in the shooting were put on leave for a short time while the case was initially investigated, according to the station.
Hall’s killing was Saginaw’s second police shooting this year that resulted in a death.

  • wobeli

    He should have been tased if he was too far for that, what about rubber bullets riot police always use.

  • Zuluphile

    46 bullets divided by 6 officers = about 8 rounds per officer.
    The shooting lasted 5 seconds by 46 shots divided 5 seconds = 9 shots per second.

    The average Glock can hold 9 to 15 rounds, With a regular capacity magazine.

    The average SINGLE police officer usually takes 5 to 7 shots to kill a man. And usually takes 3 to 5 seconds to kill a man after the officer takes aim and pulls the trigger.

    I could see if they were trying to put down an elephant or dinosaur or a BRUTE from HALO but that is excessive.

  • 1986

    Agree, 46 damn bullets??? C’mon son, really?? I understand sometime the tasers don’t work, depending on the perp and their drug of choice that day…but those damn bean bags and rubber bullets or some pepper spray, hell, use all the above…I’m pretty damn sure it will hurt like the dickens, but 46 bullets??????? Seems like the cops get trigger happy when ever the opportunity occurs…beyond excessive

  • E-Dub

    There is no talking for the police when it come to dealing with people of color. They shoot first and shoot more and then claim to be threaten when they are questioned. It is the standard procedure in the police department. If someone disagree please tell me why deadly force is used more time with people of color than white people.

  • jamar

    police are trained to kill

  • MoorFedayeen

    Yea he should of been tasered, pepper sprayed or hit with rubber bullets. And what ever happened to to two tapping? On the same token the guy was holding a weapon so don’t expect heads to roll. And here’s goes the media again stirring up controversy between black & white. The media carefully pick stories where the “victim” was in the wrong before the cop killed them drawing support from the white community while blacks back the victim. There are plenty stories where the cop was 100% in the wrong but we’ll never hear about those. If you don’t believe that then just look at all the stories of the past from the brotha that was shot in the back of the head while handcuffed or Trayvon Martin. Why didn’t they follow the story of that black off duty NY cop that was killed by cops while chasing a thief that had broken in his car? Why didn’t they follow that for months. Because there’s no controversy.

  • mcalumni01

    i keep saying to people you not gone win with the law even if you in the right. man avoid the police at all cost, best suggestion.