4730 SOUTH FRONTAGE RD. – Forest Park, GA. 30297
(Free till 7pm)
Mon – Fri: 11:30 am – 2:00 am
Sat 1:00 pm – 2:00 am
Sun closed

I was quit impressed with the spacious size of the club along with the decor. This recently renovated club is by far one of the nicest and comfortable establishments around Atlanta.

These are the 3 strongest features:

Authentic ja*anese Sushi Bar:

A refreshingly comfortable, yet unusually contemporary sushi bar featuring the freshest and most uniquely presented sushi in the area. Even more unique is the “floating Island” where the sushi bar is located, majestically suspended 40 feet in the air overlooking the entire bottom floor of the club. It’s perfect for a refreshing pause where you can still feel connected to the excitement below, and enjoy the delicacy prepared by our ja*anese chefs.

Fire & Ice Steak House:

The USDA Prime steaks & chops are dry aged and cooked to perfection at the Fire & Ice Steak & Chop Restaurant. The perfect place for a business lunch or dinner, Fire & Ice is a separate dining facility apart from the noise and excitement of the main room. You and your guest will dine the way Kings do with first rate service and the finest prepared meats and seafood money can buy.

In-Club Dining:

For a more casual dining experience, we offer café style selections along with lighter fare including sandwiches, burgers, salads and finger foods served tableside inside the main showroom. 3 Full Service Adult Beverage bars The possibilities are endless. Choose from over 100 imported & domestic brands of liquors, cordials, brews and champagnes. Bottle service is also available.

  • Ms. Mid

    The hubby and I drove a couple hours to go shopping in Atlanta and on the way home thought we’d hit a couple strip joints (With 30+ in the Atlanta area, there are several we haven’t seen yet). Before you roll your eyes at the idea of a wife visiting a strip club with her hubby, let me tell you that as a gal who worked my way through college as a stripper, I enjoy the strip joints and the dancers’ company as much (or more) than my husband does!

    So… we hit the Clermont Lounge first. I was surprised at how “homey” it felt. Mostly older but friendly and well-made-up ladies, ranging from “butterface” to beautiful, all with nice curves and with the personality that is lacking in so many of the young cookie-cutter dancers at the other clubs. It’s been there since ’65 and seems to have all the original decor and some of the original dancers. It was too early for the Clermont to be much fun, so we headed out to the next stop: Pink Pony South.

    At the Pink Pony South, the first thing that struck me was how large the place is. My gosh. I never before thought it possible for a strip club to be too large, but the Pink Pony South is exactly that! The staff seemed a bit standoffish and some of the seats are nowhere near any of the stages! We found a seat near the mainstage. Some of the dancers we tipped were appreciative. One especially beautiful lady with gorgeous large natural breasts, a sweet smile, and who was just a tiny bit thicker and curvier than most of the girls took a turn on the mainstage, her last turn for the evening according to the DJ. Since we wanted to see her some more, we asked her for a tabledance and were not disappointed! She seemed to enjoy dancing for us as much as we enjoyed it, so much so that one of the managers came over and told her to cool it! Not that she was doing anything unusual, but maybe she got closer than the dancers usually do at Pink Pony South. Anyway, we had a nice visit but probably won’t be back unless we can find out ahead of time whether our favorite dancer will be there. We both just felt like “one in a crowd.” While the girls were pretty, I would not recommend Pink Pony South to folks who want to find a bar hangout that just happens to have strippers.

  • Just another Stripper

    I don’t believe that Pony South is too big. Apparently Ms. Mid has never been to Vegas, one of the many places that I have worked. And obviously she was lying about the stripping thing also because every stripper knows that the chairs away from the stage are for spending quality time with your favorite dancer. And considering that Pony South has three stages it is hard for you to be too far from a stage at any given time. But everyone has there opinion, right. Well I love pony south. The food the service and the girls. I go for sushi and stay for the entertainment. Every club has there good and bad dancers, but lucky for you this one has more good then bad. Plus everyone knows if you want the real good dances you head for VIP. I don’t think this lady is a strip club frequenter like she implied. If I were you, I would check this place out for yourself. And tell them Kacey sent you.

  • weezyiswayne609


  • weezyiswayne609

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    My first visit in my life to a strip club was pink pony south and I loved it:) the dancers and everybody else were very sweet and welcoming and were there on hand if you asked for anything. I’ll definitely be going back for new years eve. When I went it was with my husband and some friends and we had a better time there than any other club we had went to:)

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