HQ Cubana Lust picture from Blackmen magazine. I like the fact the magazines are taking it easy on o.d’n on the photo shopping of the pictures.

  • KingKong

    Beast as usual!

  • Nuttyboy

    How nice would it be if I just hit it from the back in that position.
    Damn she got a fatty.

  • East Baltimore Veteran

    Gotta be my favorite… I would empty 10 swiss bank accounts to have this bitch as my wife..

  • Smith

    Still for Team Lastarya.

  • 901 Gangsta

    PASSSSSSSSSSSSSS Hahz dont put this bird on the site anymore. GO LASTARYA GO WHOA WHOA WHOA

  • macika

    she aight. ive seen better.

  • weezyiswayne609

    shes is so close to perfect its scary.yeah she stripped to get through school,yeah she might of gave some head to get to the top.so f*ckin what,shes the BADDEST in the game,should be wearin my chain thats right…. weezy!head to toe the baddest.. LaWho?????? COME TO PHILLY MA, CLUB ONYX. I PROMISE ILL BE THERE FRONT ROW.

  • jfad

    C’mon yall how you taking sides between Cubana and Lastarya. They just 2 chicks showing their ass for ni&&as to enjoy. This ain’t that Vampire Movie “Twlight” sit in the middle and enjoy.

  • tino

    thats 100… i cant take no sides btwn two shake junt bitches fightin… i wanna buss both of em dwn… i mean, i want cubana more, but nonetheless, thats a stoopid 3some… lastarya look like her sex game better for some reason tho…

  • 901 Gangsta

    i agree i shouldnt be fighting ova 2 strippers. thats MACK rule 26 (dnt fight ova strippers) F%UK WEEZY. dat hoes aint perfect. and she aint in school.

  • grymm

    PASS!!! I don’t see the big deal with this broad.

  • jdeezy



    DAMN SON!!

  • Nice…The outfit is what makes this pic extra sexy to me. PEACE!!!

  • mandingo

    just enjoy the pics and fantasize. still one of my favs despite all the drama. let these 2 hoes settle their own situation. all we should do is sit back and enjoy the show that these 2 hoes want to give us.

  • weezyiswayne609

    901 just madd cuz im bangin for that number 1 spot!church.

  • chevyboi100

    she is bad

  • ThaGR81

    this girl just has that sexiness about her thats crazy

  • bighomie53

    Man that chick is sexy i like her eyes & lips!!! She HOT & she got a BIG BOOTY!!!

  • 757 Lover boy

    cubuna lust always keeps it hott!! man, whoo, she is sexy, would love to wear that a$$ out 4 real!!! just take a look at that donk, lips are looking juicy too