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  1. Sasha4 says:

    I wish Toya would STOP wearing tights every-damn-where, but I like her hairstyle and color. Reginae is cute, and yes Memphists does need to step back off Reginae.

  2. 007 says:

    lol, those ATL “celebs” will come up and out for anything for a photo op.

  3. doziex says:

    Erica Dixon is one fine/beautiful/sexy black woman. If I was scrappy, I would lock her down in a hurry.

    Before some of dem ballers put dem paws on her.

  4. TheTruthATL says:

    I was at this last night, had a great time. Grey Goose sponsored so all the alcohol was free and it was free to get in with an RSVP.

  5. hoodhoppin says:

    Who is Rickey’s date? Saw the video and other pics…that’s a beautiful woman. The other ladies looked good too but some people stand out more than others.

    • nikkid says:

      I think they said her name is Vashawn or Vershawn…something like that… She won the contest to go as his date but people are saying that they are really dating now.

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