Photos: Solange Knowles Leads A Peaceful Rally for Trayvon Martin In Brooklyn

· July 15, 2013

Solange Knowles held a peaceful rally for Trayvon Martin to speak out against the Zimmerman verdict on Sunday afternoon with thousands of local residents. 

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  1. MoorDetroitRed says:

    She on her Poetic Justice ish with the outfit but this is cool
    Beyonce punk aint gonna say shit neither will her punk azz husband

    • Mister Mister says:

      Beyonce did do a moment of silence at her recent show for Trayvon right after the verdict was announced.

      Solange is quite lovely though, her personality is pretty dope & I like how she’s active like that. Is that one dude taking a pic of her ass in picture 5?

  2. Old Skool Quote says:

    Always liked her better than her sis in every way!! Others just tweetn and chit from the safety of their homes. She is visible!!

  3. She did it right,everybody could appreciate that

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