Photos: Kelly Rowland, CeeLo & Goodie Mob at ESPN Super Bowl Party

· February 2, 2013


Last night the ESPN Super Bowl Party went down and it was star-studded as expected. Attendees included the top US athletes, mostly NFL stars but also sportspeople from other disciplines, such as US Olympians, swimming phenom Michael Phelps or track star LoLo Jones.

Entertainment personalities were also present at the ESPN event but we should focus in this post on the ‘music industry’ guests. Cee-Lo was hired to liven up the party with performances of his solo back catalog, but he had too a little surprise when he re-united on stage with his rap squad Goodie Mob to rock a few hits.

Country-pop singer Jessie James also walked the ‘black’ carpet and enjoyed the February 1 evening alongside her Denver Broncos star boyfriend Eric Decker.

Ms Kelly Rowland had a blast having drinks with the elite of US sport. We will all see Kelly Rowland — Destiny’s Child reunion, at Sunday’s Superbowl.

kelly-rowland-cee-lo-green--jessie-james-attend-espn-super-bowl-party-5 kelly-rowland-cee-lo-green--jessie-james-attend-espn-super-bowl-party-6

kelly-rowland-cee-lo-green--jessie-james-attend-espn-super-bowl-party-2 kelly-rowland-cee-lo-green--jessie-james-attend-espn-super-bowl-party-4   kelly-rowland-cee-lo-green--jessie-james-attend-espn-the-magazine-party-3


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Discussion5 Comments

  1. Peanut says:

    Nice to see Goodie Mob still rocking together.

  2. Sunshine says:

    Love Kelly’s outfit though…

  3. Cease says:

    Kelly is gorgeous!

  4. 828heffe says:

    Kris has bounced back from the looks of it

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