Last night the UFC 159 took place in Newark, NJ and the main event featured light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones defending his ti*le against loud mouth Chael Sonnen.

It only took a few minutes for “Bones” to get Sonnen on the ground and end the fight with a series of elbows. The real story, though, happened before the fight was even over…when Jones broke his toe in an absolutely horrific manner.

You can see a picture of the broken toe below. I have to warn you, though…If you’re squeamish, you may just want to stop looking now.

  • Nasty break! But Jones sat sonnen lame azz down quickly. Sonnen plays the talking card but keeps losing LOL. Easy win for bones

  • Mitch_rapp

    Bones is not to be f#cked with

  • MoorMalitia

    Are we surprised??? Bones turned Sonnen down last year causing the 1st ever UCF card to be canceled after Bone’s original opponent injured himself while training for the card. Bones said in so many words that Sonnen wasn’t good enough or worthy to fight him and “wasn’t talking his way” into another payday, title fight. Its beginning to look like Jones doesn’t have a anyone good enough to challenge him in his prime as a light heavyweight. Rashad maybe, and that’s a stretch. He’s need to move up in weight.

    • torchilegette

      It’s gona be anderson silva against bones one day. that’s gona be a real one

      • MoorMalitia

        That will NEVER happen like the Pac the Mayweather fight I use to want to see. After Silva vs Bones it can only go down from there and White knows it. Besides, Silva is older and at the end of his career while Bones is young and just getting started plus Bones really is a heavy weight which is why so many ppl give him sh1t and take from his undefeated UFC record. They feel he has an advantage and I agree he does.

        • It’s the same for silva too @moor!! Who’s his competition?? He ran thru his division easily,won every title defense and is undefeated in the UFC. @moor u know damn well age don’t matter in the UFC,anybody can get caught on any fight night. Spider vs bones could happen….but we’ll see I guess

          • MoorMalitia

            Age always plays a role even in the smallest way. And anyone can get caught, you’re right. But even with that said, I believe Bones is a true heavyweight while Silva is a true light heavyweight. It wouldn’t be a fair fight to say the least. Its kinda like Tyson in his prime fighting Hopkins towards the end of his career. If Silva beat Bones that would solidify his Silva as the god of MMA for ever. I don’t think he’d win though.