Photos: Cassie’s Birthday Party at WIP in NYC

· August 22, 2013

Cassie attended her Birthday Party at WIP on August 21, 2013 in New York City, you can view some pictures from the night below.


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  1. Playboy69 says:

    She needs to let go that Hairstyle

  2. lazarus says:

    She needs to come get some of this soul food. gain that weight but she may not want to come back. LMAO

    In the name of THE UNICORN BUBBLES, Get ya weight up ma,!!!

  3. President Ward says:


  4. Mister Mister says:

    One of the baddest slim but pretty chicks out there.

  5. 828jeffe says:

    +1 Cassie looks good being slim. Model Status

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