Photos: Beyoncé’s Puts On For The Nets In GQ Outtakes

· January 19, 2013

When your a great photographer like Terry Richardson even your outtakes of Beyonce are a good look. Queen B put on for Jay-Z with a Roc chain and Brooklyn Nets hat in the GQ outtakes.

Super Bowl, Presidential Inauguration, Destiny’s Child reunion and album, HBO docu*entary, new solo album and now Beyonce has another notch in her big musical comeback: The BRIT Awards, aka Britain’s wild, booze-fueled version of the Grammys.

Beyonce is now confirmed to take the stage at the February 20 ceremony, where she’ll join other performers like One Direction, Mumford & Sons and Muse. It’ll be Beyonce’s first appearance in the UK in nearly two years.

Beyonce is not nominated for an award this year, but has previously won Best International Female Solo Artist. Check out all the 2013 noms here.


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Discussion6 Comments

  1. M0311 says:

    White girl sexy.

  2. tierakay says:

    Great pics.

  3. Jay12 says:

    I like the second one.

  4. Wise1 says:

    One of Bey’s best photoshoots.

  5. onthegrind says:

    Bey got one of those asses that ur like “this gonna be nice when she walk passed” then she has some giant purse blocking her ass, and u be like “damn, i cant see her ass” so u just assume its straight cuz she pretty.

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