Check some exclusive pictures of Beyonce and Jay Z in Brooklyn at the “Magna Carta Holy Grail” release party going on right now. Check back for more picture later.

“Magna Carta Holy Grail” will be available to Samsung Galaxy users starting Thursday, and everyone else on July 9.Celebrity guest included, his beautiful wife Beyonce, who is also featured on the album, super producer Timbaland, rapper J. Cole, TV personality Nick Cannon, and music mogul Kevin Liles.

Better yet, should this be Jay-Z’s last album? At the age of 40+ should rappers retire or does this album put Jay-Z back at the hierarchy of hip-hop?

  • aite

  • Mister Mister

    WTF is Jay’s chain?

    • 1986

      looks like gold my G..

      sn:album is dope, first listen is pretty solid…didnt hear raekwon though

      • Mister Mister

        Oh I know it’s gold, but it just looks funny. Like it would look better if it wasn’t such a big necklace

  • Mike Lowrey

    Magna Carta Holy Grail is one J’s best albums. The production is crazy.

  • Sunshine

    She looks cute but I really wish she’d let that blonde hair die for a lil bit.

  • kool #3

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Hipster azz rich niggas in the building. Jay was lil money that night.

  • Is B dressing Jay? WTF is up with that big ass chain! Dude looks like he’s getting ready to lock his bike up!

  • That chain is dumb looking .. sheesh – 15

  • Passdatgreen

    Timbo got big I thought he was a body builder years ago

  • Maria

    What in the HELL is Timbaland wearing!? He looks ridiculous in that peach outfit.

  • nice