Peyton Manning Out Indefinitely

· September 4, 2011

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is being re-evaluated by several doctors because of the slow progress in his rehab from offseason neck surgery, according to sources familiar with his medical condition.

However, the sources said that no new procedure on Manning’s neck is scheduled at this time.

According to ESPN sources, multiple neurosurgeons have been consulted throughout the course of Manning’s recovery, but they do not have a consensus reason for the slow pace. The sources added that Manning was still waiting for more information from doctors.

The Colts activated Manning from the physically-unable-to-perform list on Aug. 29 and cleared him to practice on a limited basis. However, sources said Sunday that he has not been able to throw anywhere near his pre-surgery capacity. Manning had been on the PUP list since the team’s first training camp practice on Aug. 1 following the May procedure to repair a nerve in his neck.

Manning has started 227 consecutive games, including the playoffs, the second-longest streak in NFL history for quarterbacks behind Brett Favre. Of all the numbers Manning has put up over the years, the streak is the one he has usually said means the most.

I know Farve is sleeping better now he knows his record won’t get broke anytime soon.

  • 2cents

    is a wrap for the colts

  • Mo roc

    The Colts aren’t exactly up front with news on their injured players

  • TruDat

    Good riddance to this overrated “cracka”

    One love

    • ginoBrown

      @trudat He is far from overrated, you don’t win four MVP’s and put up the numbers this dude has by being just ok or overrated you do that by being great which he definitely is…Peyton is second in damn near every important QB stat behind Brett Favre. If you don’t like the dude then thats fine cause you are entitled 2 your opinion but don’t try 2 discredit what he has done in his future Hall Of Fame career.

      • pimptyght

        Overrated cracka? hahahahhaha He may not be the BEST OF ALL TIME, but he sure as hell is one of them. I speak on Peyton’s shortcomings a lot, but that’s exactly what they are, only. He set the bar so high and came up short a few times. It’s not his fault they never provided him with a running game or a run stopping defense. In fact, it was his greatness that misled the team into believing he could do it all by himself (i.e., Brady, Vick with the Falcons,Phillip Rivers,etc). How do you not choke when you constantly HAVE to make every throw perfect in order for your team to win. And yes, Brady is included because white folks are delusional if they think the Pats will win again WITHOUT A RUNNING GAME. That’s how they won the first 3 and that’s how the Colts won in 2006.

  • pimptyght

    Peyton needs to retire TODAY, but sadly he will not. His nerve injury is causing weakness in his entire upper body. It’s simply not worth risk. Retire TODAY, because everything you worked for, you have already accomplished. Except, maybe being considered the G.O.A.T. at your position. But top 10 aint no chopped liver either. Plus, he’ll be in the HOF in 5 years anyway.