Pebblez Da Model vs Vanity Wonder Square Off (Video)

· June 17, 2011

Pebblez Da Model and Vanity Wonder go donk for donk, I didn’t see this battle coming. Who won this battle?

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  • ATLMystery

    These hoes have so much azz they have to have apparatus just to hold them up. SMDH.

    But I would have to take Pebblez. She looks better and her azz is the more realistic looking out of the two fake azzes. LMAO!!!

    • PB&J

      Disgusting both of them.. Pebblez you are to old for this s* yuck… but Atlmystery I agree with you Pebblez looks better, that other girl legs are sooo skiny i can’t believe they haven’t given out from the weight of her a*

      • moorfedayeen

        [Insert Hate comment] … cause I’m tired of doin if.

        • moorfedayeen


  • snizzle

    they both lost!!…lol….get outta here with dat fake shyt…dey must b payin hahz for promo lol

  • mobreeze

    lol dis dude whillin’

  • Gizmo

    I feel stupid commenting on this bullsh*it so Im going let you fellas have this one. I look forward to reading some of the comments though just to get a good laugh.

  • Tim

    It’s official, Barnum and Bailey have added to “Azzes” to the line up.

    When these broads go out of their way to look good they just look real bad!

    The doctor who did this shyt need to lose their license just like the one did for the octoMoM!

    • Gizmo

      @Tim These ass clowns aint going to a real doctor to get this crap done. They going to Dr. Laquawanesia at the nearest motel 6 and getting that caulk shot up in their ass.

  • mr.portcity

    This was horrible….vanity is just so muhfu*kin ugly … these two toxic waste twins shud stop but what is worst is the dudes paying them to hit…looks like the have swollen tumors on their backs…pebblez ain’t ugly but her giant azz turns u off

    • Gizmo

      Pebblez got a f*** lazy boy recliner on her back. I said I wasnt but I just couldnt resist ROTFL

  • crabapples

    cats talk alot of ish about how this looks disgusting.. but go to 4:25 and say you would want to slide a d*ck up between them a$$ cheeks.

  • Steez

    Both their azzes fake so who gives a damn

  • Will

    I would give Pebblez the Skeet! Skeet! without hesitation…and considering how ginormous it is, she can move it pretty well!! But Vanity…SMDH…not only is her face hit, her hair is a distraction, and she was barely in the vid…she was boring…no ass shakin’?? Ain’t never seen a chick on WSHH not even attempt to shake her ass…

  • deeman92


    • presto

      ditto…!…ima ryde wit my man @deeman92….TRU!! dez broads have went ova board…but we not talkn bout wifen fellas(mean to tell me yall dudez wouldnt lay it down???)….i would beat dat ish like it was on fire!!!…but for da question at hand….pebblez finally got a “W”!!….*FAKE Azz HATER VOICE*…..”EEEEEEWWWWW… she got a fake azz!!!!”…lol…jus me fellas..hate it or luv it…i gotta keep it 100!!

      • Gizmo

        Both of them are a hail mary pass for me. I take more pride in smashing a chick with the overall package(face + body)not just the phattest ass. The only allure that I can see in hitting a fake ass like that is to see if it is anything like a real ass.Plus, any women that is willing to mutate her body like that is bound to have some type of mental problems.

  • d

    2 fakest donks on earth and they didn get naked, what was the point…

  • YeahISaidIt

    This was some comical ass sh1t. Both of them need to be in the circus somewhere.

  • MisterMidas

    These hoes need to kill theyself lol. Despite contrary belief, there is a such thing as TOO much ass….especially when you can tell off top that its faker than a $4 bill.

  • Numbers

    When is pebblez comin out with the porno? Whats the point of having all that fake ass?

    • Gizmo

      Im not sure I would want to watch that porn. Theres a interview of her on youtube and she says one of the biggest turn offs for her is when a man is hitting from it back and smacks her ass.Im thinking to myself what else are you suppose to do with that thang?


    I dont care if its fake. I’d do turrible things to Pebblez and dat azz.

  • cool dude

    These two are walking parodies.

  • MightyMe

    Venus Hottentotts….but on purpose.