Depending on who you ask, you will get a different answer about there favorite strip club in Atlanta Strokers will usually be in the top 3 strip clubs mentioned though. I am going to make it out there soon to give my 2011 annual club review soon in the mean time check out Pebbles. Shouts out to DC

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  • Cold and Hot

    Damn she tough, I’ma have to go with Onyx though as far as the pictures I seen on here.

  • mr.portcity

    First one was a fraud…second got a lil sumtng and she know how to use it

  • Blue

    shawty cute in the 1st video with sum nice tata’s, but she ain’t do nuttn… but the 2nd clip… wherever this chick is at I’m there, that was a well worth twerking right thurr

    • Ray.


  • scoot


  • Will

    Strokers and Magic City are the clubs that are most well known…so its expected they would get the most votes…although my real favorites aren’t on here, Pinups will give you the most for your money…

  • The Man

    blah…didn’t even watch the video…just saw the screen caps…i ain’t into no skinny, flat booty chicks. now if this was Pebbelz Da Model…that’s a different story entirely.

  • ed

    You can tell who is actually from Atlanta and know the real spots to go to – Yall should have voted for Kamal’s 21 out of the list or stated there are better clubs like Goosebumps or Pinups or that hole in the wall that is around Shooter’s Alley.

  • still118

    magic city will always have a spot in my heart. i remember when they used to let us downstairs so we could party with the freaks…ahhh good times.

    but on sum real sh*t though, magic city is too hollywood 4 shawty. gimmie K21 on a saturday night, pleasers on friday night, pinups on wed night & blaze on thursday night(cause yall ni99as be reckless on the weekends)

    RIP gentleman’s club (cant nobody duplicate that sh*t)

    • Pleasers? wow I am surprised to hear about that club they must of got some new dancers and made some changes to that spot

      • Will

        Not really…they did change ownership, but same type of chicks…just some dudes feel those hood spots…myself, included…


    What ever club Pebbles at is the spot to be in…