Paul Walker has died at the age of 40 after he was involved in a single-car accident and explosion on Saturday (November 30) in Southern California, according to TMZ.

The Fast and the Furious actor was in a Porsche when the driver lost control and slammed into a post or tree in Santa Clarita. The car then burst into flames. Paul and another person who was in the car were both killed.

It is not clear right now what caused the accident or who was behind the wheel.

Paul was in town to attend a car show to support the Philippines typhoon relief effort and he was taking friends out for drives in his new Porsche GT car. The crash happened during one of the test drives that afternoon.

We send our condolences out to all of Paul‘s loved ones during this difficult time.

  • Damn!!! Brian O’Conner. Rip

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    They keep sayin it’s a hoax iono what to think if so tho damn

    Rip homie

  • Jetsatyourneck

    Rip too the homie

  • Nate

    DAMN.. so no Fast & Furious 7

    • Knowledge1911

      @Nate they had just finished filming part 7. There was suppose to go up to 9, so it will be interesting to see how they do part 8 & 9

      • Nate

        Thanks for the info

    • Over course they are filming in Atlanta, they are going to have his part cut short and rewrite the script.

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Sad news man R.I.P hate to hear

    God bless, but tmz site has been down for a lil minute

    • Server probably got hammered.

  • Playboy69

    R.I.P. Paul Walker…this is sad his death teach me that Life is never fair so cherish day like its your last

    • truthteller

      Your kind harsh but your totally right people need to take it easy…really sad rip paul walker

    • Bob

      You are dumb becase you can’ control whether you are going to die or not. There are many ways to die and when God want you dead. You will be dead!

      • Playboy69

        @Bob….Preach! I agree. 100 percent. R.I.P. Paul Walker!

    • Playboy69

      @Chow Time & @Truthteller….I disagree….Death have no color….That like saying Black Men needs to stay away from their Hood because they always BOUND TOO GET SHOT if coming back to help their community….That ignorant from y’all part!

      • Playboy69

        @Chow Time….Nah.. A Car Accident is Car Accident… You must never been in a car accident…. Car Accident & Death has NO COLOR!….They ghostride in the OAKLAND in the hood and people have dead in the past that was Black people…. SO DO NOT KNOW WHAT TALKING ABOUT! Bob is right!

      • Bob

        @Playboy69 You are wasting your time with him because he is a idiot! He think you can control death. What a maroon! LOL!

  • Ron

    R.I.P Paul walker, prayers for your loved ones. We will miss you.

  • MoorThugRelated

    His death hella ironic because his biggest if not only hit movies were about fast whips and speed. Gotta be careful when you behind the wheel of anything let alone a beast of a whip, Porsche GT. Many millionaires taken out like this.

  • President Ward

    Sad news. R.I.P Paul Walker