Paralympian Oscar Pistorius Shot His Model Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp Dead On Valentines Day

· February 14, 2013

This is a story of a Valentines day surprise that went terribly wrong.

“Paramedics declared the woman dead on the scene and police proceeded with their investigation. The woman sustained wounds to her head and the upper body,” spokeswoman Lt-Col Katlego Mogale said.

Mogale would not confirm an earlier news report that Pistorius was the shooter. The woman, aged 30, died on the scene. According to unconfirmed reports the women was Pistorius’ girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp.

Mogale said police were called following a shooting at a townhouse complex in Silverlakes.

“When police arrived they found the paramedics attending to the woman. The paramedics declared the woman dead on the scene and police proceeded with their investigation of the scene.”

A 9mm pistol was recovered.The man has been taken into custody and a case of murder was being investigated.
Beeld newspaper earlier reported on its website that Pistorius allegedly accidentally shot dead his girlfriend after mistaking her for a robber.

Wow! this story is crazy.

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  1. don_mayor says:

    somebody please explain to me how you mistake a fiiiiiiiiiiinnnnneee! lady like that for a robber? yeah right.

    • adaj says:

      And watch him probably get away with it cause he’s white.

      • MoorFedayeen says:

        They already charged this b1tch n1gga with murder and white on white killings aren’t tolerated anywhere. Now white shooting n1ggas is another story.

        Punk n1gga shot a damn female. He should of just beat her down if he was that upset. He’s an Olympian so I know he in great shape.

  2. 808s says:

    This is the worst.. In America he wouldn’t get locked up, Africa’s a little different.

  3. BrownSugar says:

    So… a robber has a key to your apt?

  4. crabapples says:

    story has evolved since this report. turns out he has a history of domestic violence. whats weaker than a man that beats up his woman…

  5. Realtalkin says:

    mistakin his gorgeous woman for a robber? something dont add up…

  6. Realtalkin says:

    R.I.P though this is messed up

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