Tim Tebow has turned almost everyone into a believer these days, but one person who still hasn’t bought in is Panthers receiver Steve Smith. During an appearance on the Dave Dameshek Football Program, Smith gave credit to Tebow for winning, but was unwilling to praise him for being a difference maker.

“I don’t want to be one of the those guys like everybody saying ‘oh he’s not this’ — he’s winning,” Smith conceded. “But at the end of the day, you can’t be 3-10 for three quarters and you go into the fourth quarter. Because Tim Tebow is ‘Tebow Time’ I keep hearing, but nobody is giving credit to who deserves it — which is that defense, because it’s playing lights out.”

“Everybody wants to say Tim Tebow is that difference maker,” Smith said, “he wouldn’t be on my son’s flag football team.”

One of the aspects of Steve Smith that makes his interviews so enjoyable is that he’s honest. He is unafraid to give his opinion, even if it will upset people. Two weeks ago he received some backlash for saying Cam Newton was only the third-best quarterback he’s played with. Now he’s picked a new target, America’s hero.

While I agree that the Broncos’ defense has been overlooked the last two months, I believe Tim Tebow is part of the reason that unit has been more successful. Even though I’ll give Tebow more credit than Steve did, I do believe he needs to improve much more as a passer in order to have long-term success in the league. If Tim can become an elite passer, he will be successful. If he can’t, he likely will not.Via LBS

Do you think Tebow is the truth or hype?

  • prince_kosmic

    Now THIS is hating!!!

  • Chi Capitan

    Say what u want about Tebow, but he won the state championship on high school, nat’l championship at Florida in college, and is 8-1 as a starter in the pros. He’s doing something right. He doesn’t have the typical skill set needed to play QB in the league, but he has a bigger heart than anybody on the field. Hes the most unique QB I’ve seen play so far

    • prince_kosmic

      I was with you until you said “unique”? What is unique about the way Tebow plays? A white QB running the option? Seen that movie before. I’m just asking, not dissing. The only difference I see is that, as usual, a white man willing to give the benefit of the doubt to another white man. What if the Falcons would have done the same with Vick, instead of trying to fit him into Joe Montana’s offense? Or Vince Young. What if Jeff Fisher would have even wanted him as his QB, even though clearly he didn’t.

      • Chi Capitan

        What I mean by unique is that he can look awful for three quarters of football and turn it on in the 4th consistently. I’ve never seen someone do it week in week out like he does

        • U both score a point in this round…ding!!! Lol

      • pikachu

        I love how you immediately played the race card and jumped to conclusions. You can spend the rest of your life saying What If, enjoy it.

        • prince_kosmic

          Name ONE thing that was written that is incorrect? This isn’t the race card, it’s the facts. Stop being in denial. I did not state, for the record, that racism played a part in any of those decisions. But subconcious bias does. People like what they are used to and are uncomfortable with things they are not accustomed to. Say it ain’t so? Before you jump to conclusions, there are “some” Black people who can discuss race relations without throwing around racism accusations while also acknowledging White priviledge in America.

        • prince_kosmic


          So we can assume that you immediately jumped to a conclusion and basically told us niggas to shut up?

  • Dice

    Tebow is hype cause he is …..

    • Moor

      ….white? Now that’s something no one will contest. The benefit of the doubt.

  • still118

    tebow aint conventional but he aint hype. believe me i wanted so bad 4 this cat to fail in college…time & time again he wins. race aside, faith aside, hes just got it

  • black_42

    I guess you guys dont watch football. Look at the teams tebow beat and look at when he beat them. The whole AFC West is trash and he beat a Bears team that lost to The Chiefs and who lost Jay Cutler and 40% of there offense in Matt Forte. The last close to complete team he faced was the Lions. John Fox is a great defensive mind rememeber her even took Jake Delhomme to the Super Bowl. You cant tell me he just wins. If thats the case then Marino is not a great qb and Trent Dilfer is. By the way Kyle Orton (who has a better arm, better touch, and can run a pro style offense) once had the same label about just being a winner. He wasnt the winner the Bears Defense was just that good

    • prince_kosmic

      I agree, but you and I know the media wants to play THIS story, not the real deal. When have they ever shied away from sensationalism? Then religion is all wrapped around it. However, Tebow is a good football player and does everything a QB is supposed to do EXCEPT pass worth a shit…lol. His coaches have just given him an offense he can execute. Other than that, he is playing just like a first year QB, sucking for most of the game, but backed up by a running game and a strong defense and a weak azz schedule. It’s the rookie recipe, not Tebow Time!!!

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    Von Miller is the best player on Broncos

    ESPN Dickride Tebow too damn much

  • Southwestern

    There are two Hall of Famers in the secondary, the defensive rookie of the year at linebacker, and a coaching staff who changed their entire offense in the middle of the season, and every team they beat was awful. Tim Tebow doesn’t even factor in to them winning.

    • @southwest, ur almost 100% correct LOL,tebow does factor in them winning. The defense is very good but how many points do they put on board weekly??? Now he’s not the biggest factor,but he is a factor. That’s why football is the ultimate team game….everbody has to do their part

  • Be Ez

    LOL Mvp of the Bronco’s…. the kicker!

  • Pceezy

    … I can’t til the BRONCOS beat the PATS on SUN,,,,, the HATE GONNA RISE TO NEW LEVEL,,,

  • Pceezy

    Tebow doesn’t factor in the team winning???,,,,u funny and blind

  • ginoBrown

    No matter if you like him or not the dude and his team are winning so that’s all that really matters.

  • Greg4422

    Not a Tebow fan, but they are winning. Thats a fact… yes it’s a team effort… so you win as a team, but you also lose as a team…so when shit is going bad… don’t blame Tebow, blame the team.

    He’s a young player and will get better over time, I believe.. but right now adjusting the offense to fit a style he’s more comfortable with…seems to be a good decision.

    I don’t even know who the fuck Steve Smith is.

  • Downbydariver

    Tebow wont do dat shit against my RAVENS defense or against our rival da Steelers defense…kracker a get knocked da fuck out…i bet da bank on it Ravens vs. Packers in da Super Bowl…..leggooooooo….