Panda Evans, Esther Baxter, Just Brittany, Roxy Milan Hit The Club Up

· January 23, 2013


Panda Evans, Esther Baxter, Sheneka Adams, Just Brittany, Roxy Milan show you how they looked before they hit up the club. Who looked the best?


Panda Evans


Just Brittany

just_brittany_instagram1  2013-01-22_22-43-46

JB Bonus

Esther Baxter


Roxy Milan


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Discussion24 Comments

  1. Wild Wild says:

    They all get the bizness but JB & EB… damn is it the dress or is that just a pure hour glass figure good lawd

  2. RasheedLateef says:

    Man,something tells me just brittany smells like peeled apples. i need that in my life.

  3. Wild Wild says:

    Hahz what’s the deal with this new comment ish??? Can’t just post without all this extra ish huh… working with the man trying to keep tabs on the brothaz

  4. Mister Mister says:

    Just Brittany’s frame looks a little suspect….
    I’m going with Esther & Roxy

  5. BigALbert says:

    Sheneka, Panda and Roxy looking good. Just Brittany is overrated tho. She’s an average broad imo

  6. Presto 2.5 says:


  7. Realtalkin says:

    Esther look damn good. Roxy too

  8. President Ward says:


  9. Rick21 says:

    I need to see more of Roxy she’s beautiful

  10. TYBO2020 says:


  11. ginoBrown says:

    JB and Roxy

  12. Playboy69 says:

    Sheneka Adams gets Gold, Just Brittany gets Silver, Panda Evans gets Bronze…. Esther Baxter needs sit her TIRED ASS DOWN!

  13. queso (The Corp) says:

    Nice pics

  14. crabapples says:

    these chicks would love to have just 1 of Esther’s big azz breasticles.  Esther is a grown azz woman and is murdering these young girls with no effort.

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