P.O.P. Power Of The Pu–y Goes Inside Magic City Strip Club (Part 4 Video)

· February 15, 2013


Part four of the Artemus Jenkins directed series, P.O.P (or Power Of The Pu–y) returns. This docu*entary/web series takes you behind the scenes of Atlanta’s Magic City.

This episode focuses on Gigi Maguire and her daughter’s career, along with the mind state of Magic’s new dancers.

Bonus Lira Galore live in action

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Discussion7 Comments

  1. BullnBearHP says:


  2. Tony Money says:

    A lot of strippers are lost smh

  3. MoorFedayeen says:

    2nd vid girl had a perfect azz. But these broads are toys, future full time prostitutes when their bodies begin to age, nothing more.

  4. Tim says:

    All them broads have some whack mind sets. I hate, I mean I really hate to see a black chick who is double dark skinned with blonde weave in their head. it’s the ultimate turn off regardless of how thick they are.

    And I love chocolate women! Plus, they all talking this,” I do this so she want have to stuff.”

  5. S.W.ATL MADE says:

    Tried to watch but the hoes was talking so dumb I couldn’t take it

  6. no hate says:

    I enjoyed this series. I was never really into strip clubs, but seeing what the girls go through from their testimonies, the up and downs, the ins and outs, and all the work that goes into it, was interesting. Some of them seem to have a head on their shoulders about using it as just a job to lead them toward something else, so hey, I wish ‘em the best.

  7. Larcen says:

    Lira Galore so damn fine it’s ridiculous

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