An angry Colombian wife dumped boiling water onto her husband’s genitals as he slept after finding out he had been unfaithful, it has been claimed.

Yolivel Lopez allegedly tipped the scorching liquid on top of Nefer Netan’s private parts after receiving a call from his mistress saying they had just had se*.

El Meridiano reports that Netan arrived at his home in the early hours of Tuesday morning after saying he had been out for a few drinks with friends.

Lopez allowed him to fall sleep, before going to the kitchen where she filled a pot with water and placed it on the stove to heat up.

Once boiled, she carried the pot into the bedroom and tipped it onto her husband’s genitals.

Neighbors in the town of Martinez, near Cerete in north-east Colombia, said Netan’s screams “pierced the night sky” and he was taken to hospital for treatment. But, reports El Meridiano, doctors said his penis was “utterly destroyed” in the incident.

Locals say Lopez has not been seen since the alleged attack.

Ladies don’t get any ideas..

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    Boy I would kill that bitch.. LOL

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    Crazy hot-headed B1tches…


    lmao. i dont condone uppercutting women but damn. if dude wouldve said he ‘blacked out’ and went mike tyson on her ass, i wouldve understood.

    • Dude won’t about to do a damn thang at that point but scream! WTF was the other chicken head thinking by calling his wife!

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    lol at the “Cataleya” Gif…

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    This is why I don’t believe in being a womanizer. No more sticking and dipping for this man.

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      +1 he had it coming. Can’t be too upset with her. Hell, this fool puttin his and her health at risk with stuff like that. Now had the story been flip flopped cats would condone the azz whoopin he gave her. I don’t do double standards

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    Dumb bltch…and how much you wanna bet that she’s going to try and get back with the guy?