Brittaney Aleis is out and about to start off her 2014 and she making ANS to take notice…

Propz Playboy

  • queso (The Corp)

    Got dayum yo I love this broad!!!!! @playboy voice “she make me weak”……u know the kid don’t go crazy over too many chicks but she definitely one of them. Top 3 easy!!!!

    • Realtalkin


    • Playboy69


    • She definitely bad @queso. …….but top 3??????……ehhhhh I don’t know about that son. Top 3…..that’s 2 notches below PORTIA lol.

      • Realtalkin

        @B lol she qualifies for top 3 easy for me along with Portia in there, the third is Tia for me

        • Playboy69

          @Strait & @Real…I sense tension in MGC the split is coming like NWO back in WCW Wrestling days….LOL!

          • Queso (The corp)

            @Real did u say Tia Simone ewwwwwwwww weeeeeeee now we talking lol

          • @real, oh u know it’s all good with me homie. She’s definitely a bad chick

            @playboy, Nah homie MGC too strong to split over some chicks lol. Every man has his own personal preference so it’s all good over here homie!! MGC. ……STRONGER THAN EVER! !!


      • 850

        My top 5 1. Brianna Bette 2. Syn lady hustla 3. Brittany aleis 4. Nakisha taneli 5. Kim stamps

        • Playboy69

          @850…Damn Man only one LIGHTSKIN BROAD in your Top 5 Bro….U are indulge into the Chocolate deeply here is something you would love then!-%28Video%29 …THANK ME LATER…. Happy New Year.

          • 850

            @pb I gotta dap u up brother. That Tc post is straight fire! Who is honey with dukes on. And baby girl with the jeans and gold shirt? Is sobongile Cummings was on the first pic? She need to be in my top 5 I’ll create a spot for her. Post this post to the auditorium. Everyone needs to see this.

          • 850

            At pb I wanted to add Brittany renner to my list she’s grown on me

          • Playboy69

            @850….Hahz has the finally say for that TC post to get posted to the site….Petition it to Hahz. And yes that Sibongile Cummings in the first pic. It’s a CHOCOLATE FACTORY!

    • R.E.X.!!!

      Certified like a mother****** but I’d still take BRIANNA BRETTE 1ST

      but thickness beyond reasonable doubt

      • Playboy69

        @R.E.X…..AMEN…Briana Bette is MISS BLACK AMERICA!…LOL!

        • 850

          Amen she’s holding my number 1 spot.

  • Knowledge1911

    I’d buy that for a dollar!!!

    • 850

      @knowledge if I can buy this for A dollar she would never leave me.

  • RED(MGC)

    Baby blue dress and the Adidas pic saved this post imo

  • 850

    I’ll eat it straight up!

    • President Ward

      You’ll eat that cookie @850? I don’t care how fine she looks i don’t eat p*ssy my dude.

      • U serious @ward??

        • President Ward

          @Strait i’m just being honest dawg.

          • @ward , u do know that it’s part of pleasuring a woman sexually right?? Lol u ain’t gotta do every chick….but not at all is not advice I would give to any man lol

          • President Ward

            This ain’t sex therapy @Strait. WTF? MY N*GGA

          • 850

            Strait u better tell him. If Brittany was ward ole lady she wouldn’t fuck with him no more if I get a hold to her. Ward before u lick it make sure she clean and shaved. Most of all not infected. Tell her to show u the std test first. If she’s negative on everything the Bon appetite!

        • 850

          @ ward u damn skippy I would brother.

    • Realtalkin

      She’s not chocolate at all bro

      • Realtalkin

        Another one for da MGC

        • Exactly @real. They always trying to jack are bad chicks. They probably gon say maliah really is dark skin lol

  • President Ward


  • RED(MGC)

    I need to know if her feet pretty.. Cause I hate a Fine woman with ugly feet

    I tell ya’ll if Winny’s feet ain’t pretty I just might stop posting on here

    • ……

    • Lol @red

      • RED(MGC)

        Lmao yo I’m serious can’t be having a woman with boomerang toes

        • I ain’t mad at u @red. Chicks that can’t wear flip flops or sandals in the summer ain’t popping lol

    • R.E.X.!!!

      ??????? @ red,lol…..WTF

  • She’s definitely good money. Decent face+banging body= I’m at her. What more can ask for lol. She looks all natural too!

    • Mister Mister

      Pretty much

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    This is pretty much a dime

    Gaaaaattttt daaammmnnnn

  • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

    I’m rapping for real now fellas! 6k downloads in 10 days and climbing! Check me out! Get your free download of my new hit single “Mi Casa”! We doing this one for all the beautiful ladies!

    • Do ya thang homie!! Da corp riding with u @K-iller

      • President Ward

        You ain’t got enough bars, bad service / No reception.


        TC all day!!

        • Playboy69

          @Ward…U should rap battle K-ller..And diss him for TC…lmao

          • President Ward

            @Playboy someday.

  • Quai-Quai_ 22

    She’s pretty.

  • nyc_tony

    wooooooow. id be glad to put my cape on for her any time lol! i love her on first sight.

  • 850

    Hahz please post that post what playboy created. That chocolate factory is right!

    • RED(MGC)


  • 828jeffe

    Everything is on deck… She bad

  • CuTT

    Anybody got her instagram?

  • Big ALbert

    Them thighs are definitely getting my attention.

  • Prime706

    Yeah she done crashed the party top 5 for show follow her on IG her friend bad AF to

  • Big P

    Dime to me