Oooch! Australian Anti Speeding Ad (Video)

· May 8, 2012

This was the first Australian commercial to tackle the issue of low-level speeding and to show the extraordinary difference that driving just 10 km/h less can have on a pedestrian. This video is going to have me looking both ways before I cross the street.

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  1. MoorFedayeen says:

    Well his dumb a$$ just walked in the street all willy nilly. Had it coming and dont expect me to stop to make sure u good cause my L’s is suspended. Not cause I cant afford to pay tickets but because f*ck ‘em, that’s why.

  2. umbrook says:

    Cross at the green and not in between.

  3. LMAO y’all some fools. This commercial was fake y’all don’t remember?!

  4. TYBO2020 says:


  5. crabs says:

    the real message should prolly be watchout for dumbass pedestrians that are too lazy to use the crosswalk.

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