The best moments of Tupac’s career: 1. His music, 2. This Joshua thing, 3. “Juice.”

s/o The Chive

  • HerBabyDaddy

    Pac did stuff like this all the time. Seems like he did anything he could for his fans. There’s another thing on the website tumblr about him taking a girl to prom.



  • Camaro434

    Pac didn’t start acting a fool until he the got fame. Remember, he was a dancer for Digital Underground. I was a youngster at the time but I used to see him all the time, kicking it around Oakland and Hayward at house parties and at a couple different studios. He was animated, passionate, and always the center of attention, but never the antagonist that fame and Deathrow turned him into.

  • MrMark

    @Camaro434….I see what your saying but fame had nothing to do with that…when you are constantly getting shot at, harassed by the police…targeted by politics…fbi tracking you….it only so much a person can take……

    • 1luv

      Putting all of that in the mix, its very hard to trust people when it seems like the world is against you.

  • Dan

    Much love to Tupac and Joshua…I never knew that’s how that name came about. Great story!