Omarion gets freaky with Rosa Acosta in his newest song “Come & F*ck With Me”. Omarion is set to release a new mix tape ti*led ‘The Awakening’ and judging from the new music video he released today, he surely is trying to wake the world up!

Rosa in the club recently..

She was looking right that night..

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  • dhabaddst305chic

    I guess everybody tryna maka video wit em practically having sex on It but lemme give propz whr it iz due cuz Rosa Acosta still luk hella great n dha video though

  • blogettee

    I think I like her better in Black and White …

    Once sh!t goes colored, it all goes downhill for me …

  • The Man

    Okay it’s official. Don’t give a f*ck who she is or the race of the woman. If she’s fine…has a hot body…and is involved in any way with hip hop as an urban model, aspiring actress etc…

    …she is going to end up with a brotha in some capacity. be it professional or personal.

  • Samanosuke

    DUMMY! …messed up a good song, cuz he can’t sing. He’s just an entertainer. Just dance *igga. lol Rosa’s fake droopy breast bulging out smh.