Every where Bernice Burgos went that night all she heard in the background was.. Oh Kill Em, Oh Kill Em. Some one ask her why she don’t ANS no love? Time to start calling em out.

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  • Afrika

    Barnice,Barnice, Barnice they don’t make em like this any more matter of fact they’ve never made em like this before,uniquely different she a ten with no make up on,La Team Chocolat certified.

  • Realtalkin

    Straight up gorgeous, no doubt about it.

  • still118

    Bernice is still TC…

  • Playboy69

    @Still118…Sorry Bruh Bernice Burgos http://messageboards.makemeheal.com/buttocks-augmentation/bernice-burgos-t160735.html….It’s Team Fairy Tales STRONG!…LOL!

    • still118

      surely this cant b true! @playboy its all lies shawty

      • Moor#BpCoffins

        @Playboy you my nigga, six figure, but your proof is illegitimate. Those photos where brushed and shopped. How much work could she have had done if she looks like that in the very 1st pic? She all natural.

        And the other side has no answer.

        • Mister Mister

          That pic with her standing next to that white dude ain’t photoshopped & she’s standing so you can see her side, it’s not as phat as the pic of her in the grocery store in the last one.

          • Big ALbert

            Her azz is obviously maybe 8-10 inches bigger than it was a year or 2 ago. Also the shape is different now. She dropped out of my top when I saw she had work done. Ayisha is still in my top 10 though.

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Is that her bottom right?!? If not shes dimed out
    If so…Bernice might be top 5 in da game

  • President Ward


  • presto 2.5

    Damn shame shortstop doesn’t run wit the flyest Team on the Net…We could change her Follow Status to six figures…fuk’n wit dem Fairyboyz her shyt probably floating around @MoorFeen paycheck status…236…lol

    Vote MGC 2013…”All Natural…No Preservatives”

    • Moor#BpCoffins

      She the nicest. Deal wit it. You finally back after one of them #TC rebels caught you and whooped that azz for talking shit on the net?http://ilpvideo.com/video/NDc2MTY/payback-teen-gets-revenge-on-cyber-thug-talking-sht-about-him-on-instagram

      • presto 2.5


        Bstr8——>((@Moor’s Moms))<——Prest

        ask Waka

        • Moor#BpCoffins

          ^^^Nigga Smoked a whole zip of that crystal meth and now he talkin crazy fantasizing about gay episodes with him and @B Straight.

          • Why u always talking about some gay sh!t @moortrannies? Oh that’s right….

          • Lmfao @presto.

            @mooron nigga he sayn we ran a choo choo on ya moms LOL

            Ask waka

            Wut up @1slug

          • Moor#BpCoffins

            @OneCowardAzzSaltSlug. You stay talking shit but when I tell u where I’m at in Murda City chillin you won’t come see a G. You all talk. Come see me to settle this for good

            @B Bitch Cake, yo lying on your dicks is as low as it gets….and kinda suspect. Why #MGC only allow male members too?

  • 828jeffe

    Bernice is cold! I have never seen her look bad EVER!

  • lazarus

    Who is the chik bottom right??

    Bernice in that first pic, SMH. Fire!

    • miller

      l’oreal from love and hip hop new york

      • lazarus

        +1, good look @Miller

  • miller


  • shaunyc

    I fucking love that chick Lore’l, #dontjudgeme

    • Big ALbert


      L’orel reminds me of born star Misti Love . #DontJudgeMe lol

      • shaunyc

        But thicker though…

  • RED(MGC Dominance)

    Always been a fan of Bernice….L’orel looking real real fine in that other pic