Call it what you want Trinidad James was spotted rocking a jeans skirt with some groupies.. I am sure it’s a high end designer skirt and will probably be fashion to some.







  • KTZ?

  • Devoled Coon

    you needed ppl to click on that link huh?

  • NoJohke

    Too farrrr! Be a man ni**@!!

  • jfizzle

    So does this nigg@ pi$$ sitting Down or does he stand and lift his skirt? LOL

  • Realtalkin

    Everything thats wrong about the world in 2013 is summed up by this IDIOT’s music and this stupid photo.

  • KutDawg

    I feel sorry for this generation of young men.

    • jfizzle

      @kut, even better I feel sorry for the young women who have to deal with these dudes.

      • jamarxyz

        But this is supposed to be the golden age of hiphop for the youngins.

      • KutDawg

        str8 up.

  • RED(MGC Kings)

    The Agenda is real.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      @red its funny because 2 years ago i promised that i said these n.ggaz would be wearing skirts next and calling it something else

      watch and mark my words, n.ggaz gone be rocking leggings next

  • MoorThugRelated

    Damn right it is @Red_Bumps. The pic is worse then I thought. Why the girls act like its nothing?

  • HerBabyDaddy

    Well he aint the first and wont be the last. I dont care I wont be wearing no skirt, kilt whatever, give me any high fashion item except for that. Can’t believe it from tall tees to this kilt stuff, both not good at all. Leave that ish to the Scotish and ppl in tv/movies.

  • Mayfield

    Damn, they skirts is longer than his. B*tch!

  • bloggettee

    Real talk … Them skirts allow for good air circulation around them balls so your offspring will thank you for that later in life while wearing their own skirts ….

    Chaka Zulu had some straw minis too !

    • Realtalkin

      its prob broads like you that convince these niccuhs to be acting so weird nowadays anyway

  • Mike Lowrey

    I had respect for dude as a sneakerhead smfh. @jfizzle lmao

  • reefmoney

    I think its a fake pic. I can’t see this nigga wearing a MINI skirt of all sorts…

    • reefmoney

      I take that back…..that nigga did it….and he did it on purpose

      SMH words can not explain the level of failure that is this picture

  • Cakes(crooked smile)

    Smdh not surprised though and the fact that this would be ok because it may be high end designer goods is another problem with this generation.This fad needs to die as well as men rocking those versace shirts when did that gasso-garrot fruity ish become hot?i know Trinis dont want him repping for them anymore lol

  • NoWhiteInMyCup


  • Them broads can get this D.

  • Southwestern

    Y’all act as if this ninja actually has a brain or soul. This is the least of what his record company could get him to do.