NYPD officer Adrian Schoolcraft secretly records NYPD top brass giving orders that tickets must be written and arrest must be made or there will be hell to pay. He goes on to say that orders were given to harass people so vigorously that they will not even want to step foot outside in fear of being arrested or ticketed.

The police are nothing more than an organized crime syndicate which has fooled us into believing they are here to protect us. When was the last time you seen a cop save somebody or help you for that matter? You can’t even look at a cop without him giving you a dirty look and finding you suspicious of a crime, that’s if your not a young pretty girl or boy for that matter.

I can personally testify to constant harassment and intimidation by the NYPD, we are a city literally under siege as we are all being ticketed into poverty by these bogus protectors. Lines are wrapped around the corner at criminal court houses over tickets that cops seem to be giving out because they need to meet their quota aka “productivity goal” which is to make money for this corrupt Justice system and corporate owned prison industry. God help us all if we don’t wake up and come together to stop this.

  • jamar

    police officer= wicked overseer…police have the us against them mentality…how do you serve something you are trained to be against…the police will put 40 bullets in your azz,but they will go all the way to the jungle and bring back an animal unharmed for the zoo.

  • Solo

    Not just in NYC, in Miami they’ll completely fabricate a crime and pin it on anybody.

    • Here in milwaukee they have been doing illegal strip searches and body cavity searches on the streets. And if you’re driving a car with tinted windows and they can’t see inside you’re car, that’s an automatic pullover here whether you did anything wrong or not.

  • El Gowop

    Not surprising. I learned on the wire.

  • Deuce Deuce

    Vote for me for mayor. I’ll promote the whistleblowers to be commissioners and chiefs.

  • Ice

    The corrupt cop sounds like Denzel Washington

  • MoorFedayeen

    Much appreciation to this officer for coming forth. And these quotas are made off of blacks & Latin males. The only way around this is by arming yourself with knowledge of the law as well as a healthy amount of weapons and ammo so that we aren’t defenseless against these tyrants. They only do what we will allow them to. The tree of Liberty is in bad shape and needs watering with the blood of these tyrants.

    • BzB

      lol @ watering with the blood of these tyrants. how many tyrants did you murk today @moor? i think i’m behind on my tyrant murking spree.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Wtf you laughing for? This aint funny. Is it funny the way black unarmed males are killed at a far higher rate by police then anyone else when in TRUTH, white males kill more cops then anything. I’m telling ya sheepish azz stuff you need to know and you laugh. And this only is gonna get worse. This today, but what tomorrow? I know my rights and when you seem a lil smarter then the average “n1gga” they stand down like the f*ckin dogs they are. Know your rights ppl.

        • lazarus


        • BzB

          @moor…tell me what you plan to do with the weapons and ammo? you think you can fight a physical war with these “tyrants” and win? if so, you’re not as smart as you think you are.

          the best way to win is to beat them at their own game. knowing your rights is a start. knowing the system and beating it from within is even better. do you even know what “jury nullification” is and how it can be used as a tool?

          trying to beat them with weapons and ammo ain’t the way for a lasting victory.

          • MoorFedayeen

            BzB can you read brah??? Cause I’m 100% sure the 1st thing I said was arm yourself with “knowledge” then weapons if they take it further, and YES if a domestic force such as the police wanted to war it out with citizens we’d wipe them before dinner. It just isn’t enough of them and they’re are TOO many of us to fight. Good day sir

          • BzB

            now you’ve lost it. police and swat have more weapons and more powerful firearms than civilians have access to. we aren’t trained and organized like them. it wouldn’t even be fair if they wanted to all out slaughter civilians. and let’s not even mention military.

            this not a war that can be won with force. believe that if you want though.

          • Jamez


          • MoorFedayeen

            THANK YOU JAMEZ. This dude has me lookin at his post with a blank stare because he really thinks he’s right. Citizens against police would quickly end in our favor. And what are these “advanced” weapons the police have that we don’t because every time I ever saw them, they were only holding AR’s, shotguns, MP5’S and pistols? We have all that too.

            Metro Detroit has well over a million ppl while law enforcement only numbers in the thousands. America citizens have the largest cache of civilian weapons on the planet. We’d wreck those pigs if folks wanted to just the way the Afghans kicked the Russians out and soon to be Americans just like Vietnam too.

            Never underestimate the power of the people. The civil rights movement taught us this and no one fired a shot. Peace

          • BzB

            so i’m supposed to ignore that dumb sh1t you said about taking up guns because you said knowledge…whatever.

            you’re still wrong thinking civilians can take police or if martial law declared the military.

            and then you turn around and backtrack saying the same sh1t i originally said by saying weapons and ammo ain’t the way to win. ol contradictory azz moor at work. you a bipolar dude.

          • MoorFedayeen

            N1GGA F*CK YOU.

            I CLEARLY SAID KNOWLEDGE 1st in the 1st comment.


            I swear you gotta be @Prest b1tch azz trolling me under BzB. You two are the exact same with your dumb azz lines of thinking. You a pussi. Fucc the police. You scared of them. everybody aint afraid of them, they aint a threat here, unless a civilian is soft & weak like you. Go up top and read my f*ckin comment again. KNOWLEDGE of law FIRST. If that doesn’t suffice then by force. Clearly stated up top but you attention deficit so go figure. The lil n1gga can’t read. Now I get it.

          • BzB

            you an emotional azz dude @moor. probably had a tear in yo eye when you posted that caps lock rant. probably want nothing for christmas but a box of tissues and a back rub. lol

          • Jamez

            im not tryna sidekick or nothin …but u gotta be soft as hell if u already backin dwn when them kats in the middle east seem to do this type of stuff every otha day…jus sayin

          • Jamez

            form a resistance against the higher ups i mean. cops are only fake ass batman acessory havin ass law enforcement that got a few more gadgets than we do. theyll break when they life on tha line. u thinkn bout the army or somethin

    • So true Moor and it takes a brave man to step up and tell his co-workers that what they are doing is dead worng, whether they want to hear it or not. Hopefully they don’t try to murk this real man for speaking about what he belives is right and justice for all citizens of america.

  • queso (The Corp)

    I know a few cops they all told me this…some of them don’t even wanna be bothered doin the shi#.

    • 1luv

      So you saying that some of them don’t like doing most of there job?

  • lazarus

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