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Nya Lee may be se*iest Bald Chick Alive.She is Bald & The Beautiful.


Propz Jose Guerra x Dynasty Series


  • President Ward

    She badd.

  • Gaaa daaaamn this bitch stacked!!

  • R.E.X.!!!

    I’m not really feeling her hair or face but that body is FIRE!!! she can get it asap….certified thickness

  • Afrika

    No , she might not even be close to being the sexiest but that body is a definite banger, lets not put her on a higher pedestal than she already is, I give her an 8 card just for control.

  • Big bread

    She looks good in these photos but sometimes on the show she looks like the throw away.

  • DSexy1

    Is this the broad Fab was puttin the heat on?

  • 828jeffe

    Nya is dope… she a 9 in my book

  • Proud-Blk-Nerd

    Got the body og a goddess. Still can’t erase the stain of that stupi-@$$ed so-called “music video” from last week, “Eat my pu**y.” Sick white sh*t!

  • Greg4422

    nice Photoshop work

  • Cakes(overtime)

    Her head always ruins the picture..if you scroll up the pic its like nice,nice,nice then Tyrone lol for real there are alot of women who are feminine and pretty with a boy haircut but she’s not one of them…

  • Playboy69

    Nya Lee is a CERTIFED Dimepiece she has one of the Best Bodies in urban Modeling…Nya Lee is my personal Top 5

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    She’s $tacked!

    Shit all them LLHH hoes are

    Mena-prolly overall baddest total package body face physical flawless imo but once she starts talkin it’s a wrap ghetto bird

    Erica Jean n Tahiry-born got stupid bodies but look ran down in the face u can tell w/o makeup they look rough

    Yandy-she’s nice pretty n classy(comparitevly)

    Amina-meeehhhh zzz status hittable tho

    Tara-a nice quality look

  • Playboy69

    @Kid…Amen bro. I agree 100 percent

  • tone

    she team fairytales she admitted it but i still hit