Nya Lee Brings Her Twins & Clique Out

· November 9, 2012

Last Tuesday Nya Lee brought her whole clique to the club along with her twins. She looks like she had a super bra on that night cause those brea*** were looking right. Why does her funny looking friend with the zoolander face have a no broke ni****z shirt on?



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  1. wobeli says:

    Twins sittin’ right. LMAO at the question

  2. WildWild says:

    @Hahz man I hate that shirt bro… and then them stanking white broads gone think its all good to wear that ish and the sistahz with they graham kracker ass gone let it ride… I bet not see that ish here in the Go it may be a problem

  3. zoolander face hahaha. nya lee and them boobies looking ripe. only chicks in her clique i’d talk to are the ones in the second pic(middle and left side).

  4. BullnBearHP says:

    Da Twins…

  5. Big ALbert says:

    Who’s the chick wearing the floral print pants in the middle of the first

  6. MoorFedayeen says:

    I never saw the scares she has from when those girls sliced her up. Looks bad. That shirt is ratchet too.

  7. Fresh718 says:

    Nobody wife women who wear “No broke niggaz” shirts….They stay jump offs for the rest of their lives then become bitter women who hate everything due to the fact that they were a smut in their 20’s lol.Sorry for that long ass sentence.

    • lol i was thinking does this apply to kim k even though she ain’t wearing the shirt but only been with rich celebs? nah..she stretched the dollar and got her own unlike some of these cliche vixens/models.

      • Fresh718 says:

        To be honest Kim K was already rich she just became famous because of the sextape and she has a habit of fvcking rich “relevant” black dudes….It don’t apply to her she was born rich.

  8. Pceezy says:

    She sexy to me

  9. Realtalkin says:

    That shirt tacky as hell. This wat seperates wives from side p*ssy.

  10. Miguel_T says:

    Man forget HER. In the second row there are two stand outs, who the heck are they. Second one in from the left and the one on the far right.

  11. LouieV says:

    These hoes popped including Nyla Lee. Any bih who wear those shirts guaranteed broke themselves so I don’t blame them. I bet all these hoes car pooled to the club and Lee the only one who paid for VIP. These hoes be losing out here mane and it’s pathetic.

  12. realshyt says:

    Sorry but that broad look like lamichael james

  13. desolation says:

    not seeing the hype over this chick. her crew weak too.

  14. 1luv says:

    What is the girl’s name with the scars on her neck and chest?

  15. damnshame says:

    ummm i think im gonna pass on this 1 but yall have @ it.

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