We were the first ones to feature the thickest female rapper alive Noni Zondi out of South African last year now she is back one more time with new pics and video. She is so thick from the front you would forward to seeing her walk by so you could see what that looks like from the back. I always laugh to my self when your in one of those situations and look around and you see women looking like ‘I see you looking with ya looking ass’. Are you feeling Noni?

Noni Zondi was performing in West End’s hottest club, Nylon.

Noni Zondi

  • queso BP.1

    TEAMCHOCO where yall at?? LOL

  • jfizzle

    Her body is ridiculous!!! Phat to death!!!

    • queso BP.1

      @Fiz yo shortys whole bottom half of her body is bananas..i had to laugh looking at that shit. AInt a bad lookin chick either.

  • Damn dem thighs are looking juicy as f**k…pretty face and from the motherland.

    • queso BP.1

      @Ttown she the Prototype kid..the blueprint..This is where all these other races and ethnicities get their shape from. Africa!

      • Playboy69

        @queso…Plus 1

      • BIG TOO

        @queso yes,she is the prototype no doubt,i even think she got Ms.alottabootie beat,cuz she look more solid,but they runnin’ neck and neck.

        • Playboy69

          @Big Too…I agree with you!…Noni Zondi the WINNER!

          • BIG TOO

            @Playboy yeah fam she got the good’s no doubt

  • realtalkldn

    yeah her bottom half dont make no sense at all!! defo looking right

  • Chi Capitan

    Them BP marks wouldn’t even know what to do with that. They probably think she ugly anyway…….ain’t that right B not so Strait??….lol

    • queso BP.1

      Chi Im doin some badger snatching and puppy rubbing wit shorty “In my English accent” while them african drums playing in the background..Somebody gonna get hurt and it might be me..LOL

    • crabs

      chi i can see why you may think that but i’d be all over noni. that pic in the white is the best i’ve seen her.

      i wanna know how the hell she finds clothes to fit that frame. thats some extraordinary thickness there.

  • Shug (The Real Deal)

    Need to lose about 4o lbs, to much grease.

    • DonkRida

      Thicka than a snicker # teamchocolate

  • KB3434

    She got them jean shorts looking like boy shorts…btw boy shorts and hip huggers are the best panties…yes, even over thongs.

  • This is the drop of the NEW YEAR!! Propz for this one Hahz!! Would you look at those hips and thighs? Face and smile is bangin too!!

  • scog81

    My God!!!! Natural Thickness. Thick Azz Stallion…..

  • TBM


  • Southwestern

    The definition of thickness. Like Sultry, she basically doesnt have a waist.

  • GainBrain

    She about a burger away but you cant front right now that shit look right. I would lose a limb in that pussy! Lol

  • 313Deuce

    Man to me she better than Anowa. Ma is real thick just how i like them.

  • LouieV

    Pass. I like a slim one wit a bubble. She ugly as hell. Reminds me of this African chick that worked wit my girl. Bad breath, terrible face and weave but phat ass buns. Portia feet loos better than her. Ill smash only after hours.

    • queso BP.1

      @Louie LMAO SMH

    • crabs

      you say pass but you’d smash after hours? which is it? lol

    • Hood Prophet

      @ Louis XIII, I agree with you. Those really dark women with strong African features are ugly to me as well. But anytime I say it, I get called Willie Lynch. That’s why I’m a BP representa……..beauty and booty lol

      • prince_kosmic

        It’s all about what you like. And You nor Louie XIII would turn down that african bush wacker cootie…lmao!!!

      • crabs

        Hood, those strong African features youre talking about are for the most part restricted to West Africa i.e. Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, etc.

        If you go South and East, Africans no longer have those same strong ‘African’ features. There are unmixed pure African people in Congo, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, South Africa etc that have features that we would mistakenly label ‘European’. The faces of Africa are as diverse as the terrain of the continent.

        so if you say you dont like those features (i.e. serena williams) you’re talking about about ‘West African’ features, not necessarily ‘African’ features. And no, i don’t find most Nigerian women pretty either.

        • prince_kosmic

          I’m trying to figure out where does he see those strong african features. Does he mean the small bony head with high cheek bones, big nose, and hanging lips? Or does he mean that BODY, which can only be found on a Black woman? If Hahz didn’t say South African and said Southwest Atlanta, you wouldn’t know the difference.

        • @crabs well said.

        • Angry_Man

          Good post crabs. Personally, I love that W. African look but some don’t and that’s cool. Some of these dudes say it doesn’t matter but never like women with these particular features.

        • ll cool j

          Wtf are you talking bout noni-zondi IS from South Africa, so how are her features “restricted to West Africa”?. and not all nigeran ghanaians ivory coast have that “look”. There is NO African country that has all its people look alike.DO all black people in NY look alike? Do all black people in ATL look alike? Africans/West Africans like all black people have different looks, varying from tribe, to country, to skin, to hair texture, to even climate from black- dark to light Arab looking. I dont knows who’s more ignorant some Blacks or the white man.

      • ll cool j

        You are worse then willie lynch homie. think about it you said “African features” what are those? a big nose? not all Africans/black people have big noses, big lips? not all Africans have big lips,a strong face? Not all africans have that “strong face”. dark skin? not all Africans have dark skin. That’s common sense. One of the reason Afrolatinos view African American as unattractive- because yall not as mixed as us.- sound dumb right?

  • 313Deuce

    oh yea starting a new team for the new year: Women Illustrated 2012. All thick women all the time chocolate, brown, light all in one. TeamWI.Hop on the train niggas lol.

  • prince_kosmic

    “We were the first ones to feature the thickest female rapper alive Noni Zondi out of South African…” Hahz, you need an editor bad!!!…lmao. Anyway, she is the finest rapper alive. This is why we love Black women right here.

    • Playboy69


      • prince_kosmic

        on top of that, it loks so soft and fluffy all over…lmao!!!

        • Playboy69

          I agree! Her Booty probably feels like CLOUD 9!…LOL!

          • Yes, yes, Cloud 9, and heres the best part… It’s REAL

          • Playboy69

            @ D.A….Everything is REAL FROM AFRICA!

  • Playboy69

    Nondi Zondi nickname is Miss MOTHERLAND because her THICKNESS covers all of the continent of AFRICA!… she can make feel like the LION KING anytime!…She is a SEXY 9!

  • 313Deuce

    zondi got that good morning America type of ass, wit a new jack city face

  • Cold and Hot

    Her stomach and waistline is the main focus, that sh-t super small and flat. Her waist to hip ratio is crazy. I hope she don’t get her Jennifer Hudson on and lose that body like the rest of these chicks just keep it tight and right.

  • tsunamix1

    a moment of silence for that white dress, cuz she murdered the hell outta it…….

    • crabs

      yes sir. FATALITY Mortal Kombat style.

  • tsunamix1

    ……the shorts didnt even stand a chance…..

  • damnshame

    i’ll pass on this 1..something aint right

  • TYBO2020


    • BIG TOO

      @TYBO Co-sign, bout to put a bone thru my nose,and move to africa…lol


    Kay Slay need to hurry up and put this chick in straight stuntin’ magazine

  • ll cool j

    Shes a 6 def not the baddest in africa or south africa. regular to be honest n she look sloppy

    • BIG TOO

      @cool come on dawg,she don’t even have no cellulite,just say she ain’t yo type,cuz sloppy,fu@k naw,i’ve seen sloppy,and that ain’t it

  • bigblackdude

    Now that’s what I call the real Noni Juice and I would buy hers and not them other suckas versions!

  • On1too

    Man that last pic said a lot

  • RussellReed

    She aint no beauty, but dat AZZ is a beast!!

  • Seigel Beenie

    DAMN…she looks like a thick juicy 20 oz. steak!

  • 313Deuce

    damn who is old girl next to her in the first pic that she cold. lmao sike naw. shout out to queso for having the dreds in the third pic.

  • Deedog

    That last pic did it for me I’ll slap a hot link inside her ASAP

  • Noni is nigerian thick, I love them type of thick sistas
    she looks african like from ghana or someplace in africa.

  • Paul C

    Really. Those who commented that this lady is the bomb, with an ILL shape! YES! AGREED! Those who are talking “African features” nonsense…I hope to God you are not black. If so, please give the internet a break today. Read a book. Look in the mirror. Go out and take a course on self hate and keep it moving. If you think this lady is ugly stick to Katie Perry, Katie Couric, or any other Katy/Katie/Katey you can find in Vogue, Elle, Good Housekeeping or whtever rag you’ve read to create your confused beauty standard. That shit you spitting sounds so 1980s. Even 1880s. You are lost. For them real Gs who know booty and don’t hate themselves or their on mothers. Keep posting! The world is too big for these fools.

  • Eddy

    I am european and i see a goodlooking african woman.Maybe some people like a smaller butt or bigger or smaller breass,it’s just a personal perception of the word “beauty”.She’s a very nice human being.
    For me she’s a woman who sings well and gives nice performances. Above all that,she looks very sexy to me,but it’s personal opinion,I know.
    Respect my opinion,respect her as any other human creature,or don’t call yourself humanlike.