After attempting to play through serious ankle injury, the 17 yr vet had to call it a night after playing through the first quarter.

Instead of heading to the locker room the Black Mamba stayed on the bench to support his teammates calling out playing  and drawing up some scheme for them on the clipboard. He finished the night shooting 0-4 but it was the Lakers bench that came in to put int work to help them take a win on the road 99-93. Steve Blake came in a gather up 18 points for the night going 5-7 behind the 3 point arc, as Dwight  Howard racked up another double double with 20points and 10 rebs.

Byrant had been going through round the clock rehabilitation to remove the swelling in the ankle but the pain and swelling would later reutrn he said.

“It really just continued to swell and I couldn’t put any weight on it, so I called it a night,” Bryant said after getting more treatment on the sore ankle in the training room. “I told them before the game, `I don’t know how much I have, but whatever I have, I’ll give you.”

Nash amongst other spoke on  the presence and motivation they received from Bryant even with him on the bench

“He was great, he was engaged and he wanted us to win,” point guard SteveNash said. “So we had a lot of energy over there.”

The Lakers have extended their lead over Utah and are now one game ahead for that 8 seed and have the opportunity to move to the 7th pending the Rockets and how they play the rest of the season.