Check out the inside story on the KD V, Kevin Durant’s fifth Nike shoe. The number 5 acts as inspiration: 5 players united on the court, 5 sides of the nation’s pentagon, 5 corners of a star, and what that means to #35.

  • Nojhoke

    Is it me or do all the “New” sneakers look the same. Nike gettin lazy…

    • CruiseControl

      never noticed but they do look the same without the strap, these shoes are hideous and ugly, last years KD sneakers were instant classics and unique, they took about 6 steps back with this one, the best colorways in the world wont help these ugly sneakers

  • don_mayor

    KD has the potential to be much much better than jordan. he need to put on weight, at least 30+ lbs and quit all that bff relationships, have that killer instinct jordan had on the court. LBJ took him to school last championship game. and demand westbrook stop shooting more than you. did scootie shot more than jordan? NO!