Promoters if you wanna to increase your male turn outs to your events hire a Johanna Maldonado quality like model to dance in a bikini. The crowds reaction is worth a thousand words she got them going nuts. Are you feeling Johanna Maldonado?

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  • Forty and Fly guy

    Body is tight. Face is ok.

  • (Flava Flav voice) Wowww!

  • mr.portcity

    Id smash. If u gonna do that she mite az well strip in an up scale club she cud make big money white cats wud pay top dollar to just sit near that

  • zlon

    agree with forty . nuff said.

  • too funny

    seen alot better, she okay thou

  • like the late great bernie mac says: “niiiice,real niiice”

  • MisterMIdas

    Gggaaahhhh damn. These Latin chicks killin the damn game these days, I love my sisters but they gonna have to step it up if they dont wanna get left behind.

  • lonestar playa

    brah i wish i wuz “feeling” her……hahahahaha

  • blogettee

    That’s a Whole HEAP of cameras for just a pair of ass !

  • ginobli

    where in the hell is she at lol

  • tas78

    she’s a hard 9s

  • satch

    cot dam!