Night Club Pics Of The Day : Johanna Maldonado

· September 21, 2010

Promoters if you wanna to increase your male turn outs to your events hire a Johanna Maldonado quality like model to dance in a bikini. The crowds reaction is worth a thousand words she got them going nuts. Are you feeling Johanna Maldonado?

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Discussion12 Comments

  1. Forty and Fly guy says:

    Body is tight. Face is ok.

  2. melloluver says:

    (Flava Flav voice) Wowww!

  3. mr.portcity says:

    Id smash. If u gonna do that she mite az well strip in an up scale club she cud make big money white cats wud pay top dollar to just sit near that

  4. zlon says:

    agree with forty . nuff said.

  5. too funny says:

    seen alot better, she okay thou

  6. b strait up says:

    like the late great bernie mac says: “niiiice,real niiice”

  7. MisterMIdas says:

    Gggaaahhhh damn. These Latin chicks killin the damn game these days, I love my sisters but they gonna have to step it up if they dont wanna get left behind.

  8. lonestar playa says:

    brah i wish i wuz “feeling” her……hahahahaha

  9. blogettee says:

    That’s a Whole HEAP of cameras for just a pair of ass !

  10. ginobli says:

    where in the hell is she at lol

  11. tas78 says:

    she’s a hard 9s

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