Night Club Pic Of The Day : Chocolate Dolly

· February 15, 2010

The se*y UK sensation goes by the name of Chocolate Dolly..You will be seeing a whole lot more of her and her thickness coming soon. You can follow her on Twitter @Chocolatedolly1 and follow us @Atlnightspots..

Chocolate Dolly Teaser Video

se*ual Chocolate Syrup

Candymaguk Launch Party, 12th October 2009

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Discussion17 Comments

  1. MAKE THUNNY says:


    yea she’s a dyme

    thats body is crazy

  2. TOP$EEDZ says:


  3. texas says:

    i love my black women

  4. Scog81 says:

    DAMN She BODYING chicks fo real. DEF MY TOP 5. Fuckin body is fuckin BANANAS.

  5. BlackLondoner says:

    There are so many girls like her down here in london..specially south london..

    if any of y’all ever come over to london..make sure you go to south gonna find loads of stallions and dymes..

  6. MrNiceGuy says:

    South London hey? Hmmm may have to hop the pond to see myself. Nice post admin ole chap….Jolly good show!!!

  7. T-Fleezee says:


  8. smooth says:

    oooh shit she is on fire! – and that accent just does something different to me lol

    I went to London last year I didnt see NO GIRLS LIKE HER -REAL TALK – and if they were in South they were hiding lol

  9. Btsdee74 says:

    Foreign thickness I like that,total package cute face small n thick n the right place dyme fo sho!!!!

  10. Cold and hot says:

    They build them like that in London? Gawd damn!! She fine as hell!

  11. ollie montaine says:


  12. Exclusive says:


  13. detroit t says:

    much respect if miss dolly happens 2 see this u can go far keep it firm work out eat right and come to the D and holla at me 313 574 6525 thick girls are for real men

  14. jimmy305mia says:

    nothin special to be honest ugly face weird face

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