Saturday’s night club candy of the day is super thick.. I think the guys face in the background says it all.


  • Big ALbert

    Her and her friend could get stained.

    LOL @ dude in the 1st pic

  • MoorFedayeen

    Can’t argue with that. RIP to every last broad in that club that night cause she slaughtered ’em. #TC

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      You know it, Moor, that’s y we are Team Supreme! Look at Presto gawking in the 1st pic and Queso staring in the 2nd.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Yea #Bp aint built like that cause the blood is too thin while TC blood 90-100% African hence the dark skin tone. And I see @Queso in the 2nd pic sitting down on the left rocking that wig. I remember him being much darker. Must be bleaching.

        • Queso (The Corp)


          • presto 2.5

            ANS Presents….The MEGAcorporatin Conglomerates…”The Internet SupremeTeam”…The rest are imposters

            or TC version…”Team Surpreme”….smells close to the real deal…but it wears off quick like @Moors cheap cologne…lol

  • TruDat

    Definitely 100% grade A Beef

    One Love

  • SCOG

    DAMN!!!!!!! She Would Get Pounded With The Pipe!!!!

  • crabapples

    long booty chick a la candy richards. she’s a cutie too.

    • Queso (The Corp)

      @Crabs what up son…yea her azz is long not too much roundness to it…she cute though. I’m smashing.

    • U absolutely right @crabs LOL. Candy Richards cousin she looks like

    • Playboy69

      @crab… Her name is Kai Corrien

      • Realtalkin

        Yeah shes been featured on this site under the name Princess Kai too

        • Queso (The Corp)

          @real yo I thought her face looked mad familiar but I couldn’t get it… Good one

  • President Ward

    I’ll beat that big ole, ghetto booty up like a punching bag.


  • Old Skool quote

    Man, she’s juicy like a berry, chocolate with the cherry
    Ask me if it’s good and I’ll have to say very
    Wouldn’t leave her for nothin, only a crazy man would
    That’s why I had to tell ya that (hook: I feel good about candy!)


  • Camaro434

    Them two shorties can definitely get jousted at once.

  • lazarus

    CLEARLY God is shoutin in that first pic. Dude in first pic look like he jus hit the lotto. LOL happy as ish.

    • presto 2.5

      lol…@Lazo ya uni was look’n a lil Ratch in tha last post…lol…nahhh jus play fam!…lol

      • lazarus

        Not never fam, LOL but really not ever.

  • long booty azz lol but yeah,she could get fed.

  • Playboy69

    HEAVY DUTY BOOTY!…. she need HEFTY BAG for that ASS!…LOL!

  • Realtalkin

    Smashin that fat ass

  • RenaissanceMan

    The chick on the right is much sexier and would look much better nekkid

  • still118

    Kai Corrien huh…#TC indeed

  • 206dee


  • Tee girl

    I love when a chick is thick .. Her legs match her a s s ..and she has that “round the way girl look”. She don’t have to try to be sexy, she just is.

    Reminds me of me.

    Team chocolate all day! Lookin like a thick Gabby Union in that 2nd pic.