Contrary to popular belief Oprah isn’t the richest Black woman in the world. A new report says Nigerian oil tycoo* and fashion designer Folorunsho Alakija takes the top spot, with an estimated net worth of $3.3 billion. African financial magazine Ventures Africa ran the numbers and put Alakija $500 million richer than the American media mogul, who Forbes estimated is worth $2.7 billion.

Alakija is the founder and owner of Nigerian oil company Famfa Oil. The company pumps out nearly 200,000 barrels of oil per day through its partnership with an offshore oil field.

After an**yzing Alakija’s business holdings, Douglas Imaralu, online editor of Ventures Africa said, “At this point, we have no doubt that she is indeed, richer than Oprah.”

Ventures Africa’s report contradicts Alakija’s Forbes listing in Africa’s 40 Richest that estimated her net worth to be $600 million.

Alakija started her career working as a secretary at the International Merchant Bank of Nigeria. She then traveled to England to study fashion design. On her return to Nigeria, she founded Supreme Sti*ches, which produced clothing for upscale clientele. Then, in 1993, without any prior experience in the oil business, she was awarded an oil prospecting license, allowing her company to explore for oil in one of Nigeria’s most prolific oil blocks.

(Photo: Courtesy of The African Globe)


  • Mike Lowrey

    Long money. Why is there 2 different net worths(3.3 billon and 600 million)?

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    Wow , props, interesting part about it is that she and Oprah are not only black, but they earned it, not no inherited bullshiiit

    • jamar

      it hard to prove what a woman earns in life…i know women personally that got ahead in life because men did them favors in exchange for you know what…i mean this lady just pops up and she’s the head of an oil company(suspect)…the head female on my job is nowhere near qualified,but she got that favor by using her lips(if you know what i mean).

      • dusty

        man stfu with your negative comments. she did it on her own stop hating

        • jamar

          do you know this woman personnaly,or you just believe everthing on paper.

  • Playboy69

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  • crabapples

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    • MoorFedayeen

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      • crabapples

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  • @Moor: Don’t even worry about that lame comment by “crababbples” I mean, it’s obvious who ever crabapples is just wants attention and is obviously immature. Black success is o so beautiful:) This is what it’s all about…from secretary to oil tycoon. Wow.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Unlike Oprah coon azz this woman really has the money. America won’t show this cause they want us to believe we’re burdens or drains on the country. Peace Hahz.

  • BzB

    from reading the articles posted it sounds like they’re using some fuzzy math to calculate her wealth. either way it sounds like the nigerian gov controls most of her wealth anyway. very common for most african nations to have their hands in the pot, just like every other world gov. many african nations have corrupt gov, just like every other country. more power to her though.

    • dusty

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  • this is weird lol….never heard of her but cool,she doing her thing

  • be inspired and don’t ever say i’m black i can’t


  • Mister Mister

    There are an unknown number of Afrikan millionaires & billionaires that Forbes generally ignores. Love to hear how we are capable of getting WEALTH by business besides rapping & sports.