You seen the making of the video pictures starring Amber Rose now here is the official video. Click here to see Nicki Minaj and Drake on May XXL Magazine.

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  • jfizzle

    I think she suck as an artist, pun intended, the video is stupid, butt, I think we can put to rest her booty pad allegations.

  • Cease

    song was horrible..

  • Ice

    @cease video was just as bad if you take away nicki’s ass shots

  • Cold and hot

    She sexy as hell

  • the ghost of hip-hop past

    did kanye direct this bullshit. naw even he wouldn’t make a video this awful.

  • Exclusive

    well i won’t comment much on the creative visuals but i will say that Nicki minaj’s body is on point. her ass is bananas and i wanna go king Kong on that piece.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Hell nah! This the first time she ever showed bare skin below the belt. She got a different skin tone on her ass from arm like pebbelez. Shit is nasty and she killin YM’s wave. She could of kept this one.