Nicki Minaj gives her boss Lil Wayne a lapdance during there Nassau Coliseum tour stop. Gossip sites will eat this up i’m sure your going to hear she is pregnant with Weezy’s f baby soon.

In other Lil Wayne news…

Socialite Paris Hilton has her heart set on collaborating with Lil Wayne for her upcoming album release after exchanging contact details with the rap superstar when she interviewed him for a magazine.

The hotel heiress turned reporter to quiz Wayne for the April edition of Interview, and she took advantage of the opportunity to discuss a possible project for her second disc. She gushed to the Lollipop hit-maker,

“That would be the sickest thing.”

During the phone chat, the pair bonded over their recent jail stints. Wayne completed an eight-month sentence for gun possession last year, but admitted he struggled to deal with his time in solitary confinement after being busted for having banned music equipment in his cell.

He said,

“There were times when it was pretty tough to be by yourself, and to have no television, no sort of nothing… (but) I was OK. I did fine.”

And Hilton expressed her sympathy for the rapper after experiencing life behind bars for herself following a probation violation in 2007, stemming from a previous arrest for driving under the influence.

She told Wayne,

“I know how you feel. It’s the best feeling in the world when you come out.”

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  • PLK

    I think she needs to visit more strip clubs and brush up on her lapdancing skillz

  • sunshine


  • YeahISaidIt

    That shit was awful. Almost as bad as the one she gave the regular dude a while back.

  • The Man

    wow. you n1ggas ACTUALLY think she’s suppose to lap dance like a real stripper for $1?…i mean really?

    You idiots…she’s a famous global entertainer. It’s just an act. Wonder why you clowns didn’t say the same thing about Janet Jackson when she gave her male fans lap dances during her Velvet Rope Tour

    • Will

      No one said the same thing cuz Janet was puttin’ in some respectable work in her lapdance…lol…

  • WackyTacky

    Something is not right here with her, I mean if you look at all of her pictures, all of her videos and the way she covers up “yet” there is all this hype over her ass and body fake or not, I think it goes well beyond that. I don’t know what it is, but she is hiding something that has yet to come out. No hate, I mean Niki do ya thing but I got that vibe something is not right with her and it is going to come out soon.

  • Greendozen

    Although I believe that Nikki Minaj is uber talented, I think that what she promotes is utterly despicable.

    I holla’d at a lil’Homey about the Lil’Wayne concert he went too up in NYC…and the homey is telling me how there were lil’kids there, particularly lil’ girls…we’re talking under 13…singing Nikki’s lyrics word for word. Telling me how she was simulating sex with dildo’s, etc.

    True, you have to blame the parents for exposing their kids to her devilish ways…but Nikki certainly did her part by sucking the lil’ ones in with that Barbie bullsh*t. Let’s not forget about her faking like she was a lesbian just to get a rep.

    I denounce this whore (for money, fame, etc.) and the evil hands behind her.


  • sammo

    after watchin this nikki minaj would have to pay me to give me a lap dance….lmaoooooooo