Nicki Minaj occasionally shows off her freaky side on Instagram and this is one of those times.The rapper from Trinidad posted a slew of se*ual photos on her Instagram for all her fans to see without any sort of explanation or captions whatsoever!

They’re not as, erm, revealing as her past photos but they’re pretty suggestive!


  • MoorThugRelated

    @B Fakes Straight scared of that.

    • @mooron, u couldn’t come up with my nothing better than that nigga^^^^??

      I’d throw nikki lil ass all around the bedroom!!.

      These pictures are Light!!! Only thirsty desperate niggas Like @mooron and team chocolate clowns get excited over these pics!!

    • R.E.X.!!!

      Must be a slow day on ATLNSP,because yall payin this attention whore some ATTENTION!!!!!

      F..nickie GARBAAARGE

  • Nowthatspcp

    I love the hoeish act but don’t she know 50% or more of her followers are 16 n younger

    • 1luv

      So her and women like these strippers getting knocked up by ball players are rappers are basically showing younger women how to be hoes.

      • queso (The Corp)

        Dam lol…tru

  • President Ward

    Magica De Spell lookin’ broad.

  • Ehh pretty standard pics for female’s these days! Squeezing her tits and showing her tongue is nothing

    • queso (The Corp)


  • President Ward

    @BzB aka Homo Thug. Is jealous of these photos.

  • damnshame

    so if they not as revealing as her first photos then why the f are we here…im out………..

  • RED(MGC World Order)

    That pic of ROTY Winny @Bstrait posted >>>>>>>

    • President Ward


  • presto 2.5

    looks like the broads hungry for some snatch…RiRi somewhere right now moist like COTDamn!

  • Mister Mister


  • BnBHP

    She does nothing for me…

  • king

    is video vixen shameeka Rosario team fairytales? I can’t find any before ass implant photos of her and she has no hips looks fishy ans