The hottest female rapper in the game Nicki Minaj has spoken about her gravity defying ass.

Rumours abound that the Massive Attack star uses pads to enhance her already famous rear,on top of her sleeping with Diddy(No Pun).

And it seems Minaj doesn’t mind the gossip and publicity. Asked by the New York Post if she was upset by the accusations she said:

“Absolutely not! People will pick anything to talk about, and that happens to be the thing at the moment. I love being a conversation piece.”

However the rapper – who is signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label didn’t deny the reports.Source MTV

She will never say ‘My donk is real’ because that would fuel a TMZ style investigation for all websites.

Gloria Velez Says Nicki Minaj is Garbage! “She’s A Gimmick. She Can’t Dance”

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  • Mobreeze


  • satch

    you got to be a fag if you are a man saying a woman,s ass is fake.

    • Tony

      or you could be an ass connoisseur that can notice a fake ass from a real on, or you could have a preference for natural jawns- ass included.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Naw Satch, you gotta be a rat ass nigga to tolerate a chick like that. I aint got no problem getting a chick wit a real donk.

      FYI:Transexuals were the first to get those ass shots (been doing it for years) so I really can’t tell the difference between them and a real woman from the back. That’s a problem. Need to ban that bullshit.

  • satch

    or a flat ass ho who is jealous of the booty monsters

    • rell

      smh@ this fool

  • prime706

    i feel u satch i want to get some of that ass my self any nigga that would not hit that is guy as fuck. if u meet that hoe in a club saturday and she wants to go back to your crib and fuck no body would turn her down yall nigga be lieing like hell.

    • Peter Goesinya

      Nobody ever said they wouldn’t f@#$ her, you stupid a@#. Her a@# is fake, that is ALL anyone is saying.

  • Swag

    I’m wit you Satch….you ain’t gotta be a rat ass nigga to enjoy the man-made gifts that our sexual society has generated….I say if the ass is fat, the ass is fat, whether its real or fake…just like these niggaz claiming they don’t hit hoes with weave they need the real thang….tha fuck outta here! So y’all niggaz feel the same about fake titties….youwouldn’t suck them muhfuckaz just cuz they didn’t come wit the girl when she was born….bullshit!

    PS. Nikki is not overrated that bitch is pretty in the face, slim in the waist, and I don’t give a fuck if that ass is fake, I still would bake! Believe dat!

  • Swag

    and why all these hoes hating on Nikki….that b1tch got her own swag she ain’t doing nothing wrong….these hoes are lame thats hating…I don’t even like Nikki like that but damn why the constant hatin.

  • big al miami

    i aint crazy about minaj, but i dont like all the hatin, yall muthafuckers aint put in da time and sweat that she did, she’s in the spotlight, cause she worked to get there,besides, everywhere you go now, hoes got fake hair, nails, eyelashes, weave, asses, tits, everythang

  • CJ


    • joed

      And I would beat it up!

  • Booty all ova

    I hate haters.If i was famous i guess theyd say min was fake to bc its bigger yhan that wit a small waist.

  • slick

    i feel ya swag, idnt gave a fuck if tha titties real r not ima suck dem hoes reguardles. yall bitch n hoes need 2 stop with all dat jealously

  • Swaqqatistic Barbie

    Why in the hell would people NOT hate on Nicki.? She’s like the shit right now. Fuck that I don’t give a flying fuck about the talk. Nicki is my girl.! I mean like she the reason why I wanna be a rapper now. Fuck the haters, she in it for the game. So what if her ass is fake. Why you worrying about it.? Is it your body.? Hell nawl. Because, all this little fuck shit they trying to say about Nicki aint gonnna stop me from listening to her music or stop me from idolizing her. She can rap and sing. I idolize the shit outta this woman.! Her, Wayne, and Drake are my idols. But, don’t be surprised when you hear a new rapper out named Nee-Nee and she gone act something simiar to Nicki Minaj. It’s her damn life though, let her do what the fuck she wants. Ya digg.! Like she say, ” It’s Barbie bitch”.

    -Nee-Nee Dha Swaqqatistic Barbie a.k.a Nee-Nee C. Baby

    • Lady Ice

      so why would u enter the game “similar” to Nicki? why not be urself? but then again i guess u would be cuz thats not her real swag anyway. she biting off other broads. well the two of u bite away. lol smdh…not a fan of Nicki but the bitch gettin it. but as for u, be urself and stop idolizing people u know nothing of.

  • kkkkk

    This article is stupid.. Nicki is a RAPPER. NOT a DANCER. She even says it.

    about 4 mins in.

  • kkkkk

    says my comment is awaiting moderation.. but heres the link.

  • alwyslove

    is anybody to judge somebdy else? if somebdy wanna change deyre body… dats dere business… dat chick hatin on Nicki too… if she would listen to her damn lyrics, she would kno dat she is a skilled rapper. Well…….. IF YOU HAVE HATERS DAT MEANS YOU DOIN SOMETHING RIGHT!

  • white power

    I’d give her a kid!!!I’d make love to her anyday chit, she poppin like that da damn girl!!! You got some handle bars like no otha wow wee. You makin me wet and hard already haha.

    ~live for today not for yesturday, foo.

  • independentshan

    man whatever nobody has to hate on her ass why cause she is fake ass hell i do not listen to her these chicks is not hating they jus know what a real woman is. if u have to do all of that you wasn’t nothin in the first place young money all day but not her fake ass she is gay and a hoe anyway everybody just be yourself but not her fake ass

  • nick deez nutz

    wow… black ass ni$%#%$# call your women “bad b$%#%$#” like it’s a compliment to be called that and you black azz b$%#%$#es accept that as a compliment. No wonder you niggaz are never going to advance……b$%#%$#