The newly single Chad Johnson pulled a Kobe Bryant move and went out and splurged on a new $300k Lamborghini Aventador. See the difference between rich guys and normal guys is… normal guys fresh out a relationship buy new clothes and sneakers and hit the club. Rich guys fresh out a relationship buy $100k+ plus whips to get new chics.

“Just grab the new Lamborghini Aventador from Alex Vega @theautofirm,” Chad wrote on his instagram.

  • K-iller

    Boss #$%#, now laser that stupid tat off your leg and get you some better b!tches.

  • Zuluphile

    Hopefully he doesnt follow in TO’s foot steps.

    • Tim

      This clown borrowed his shoes and don’t want to give them back!

  • umbrook

    Now that is how you move on from a lousy #%#$#…treat your self. You’ve earned it.

  • MoorFedayeen

    I can hear, better yet, I can taste them salty crackas on TMZ now hating up a storm. Fvck ’em. Good one Chad

    • DonkRida®

      One time

  • presto 2.0

    nicca betta be findin a gig…instead of blownin cake on bullshyt…no hate…jus sayn?..nicca be holler’n broke bfo long….but then again

    “Tell Drew I said fuk it i’m tearing holes in my budget…” – Drizzy

    • presto 2.0

      “Thanks to my Lord and Savior…for allowing Prest the gift of Life…and forgivness of my Earthly ways”

      • DonkRida®

        Nicca sit yo hatin’ azz down somewhere!!!

  • TruDat

    This “Clown” needs to sit down somewhere. SMH…….Always lookin for attention, worst than a damn female. FOH

    One Love

  • Pceezy

    Fox,,nfl network,,espn can’t wait for him to retire…. They have millions for him to be on tv,,,, I hope NBC give him a gig cuz them Sunday night guys Rodney Harrison ,, dungy and the other guy WACK AS HELL!!!!!

  • E-Dub

    Now just fine a fine azz freak to have on you arm for a few weeks.

    “Chad your moving in the right direction” – Dr. Phil

  • TBag

    This dude has no career, nobody cares about him anymore and hes a woman beater. Gonna be broke within 5 years.

  • DonkRida®

    That sh1t go hard as f#©k!

    • MoorFedayeen

      He should matte that boy then see what it do.

  • truthspeaker

    y’all wake up, the car was probably loaned to him by the auto firm and payment is publicity, this dude just got a large loan a few weeks back need to be saving for them babies’ college funds.

  • Tim

    Don’t this fool owe like $900,000 for maintenance fees on his condo? Pimping your self ain’t easy, rather in his case it is!

  • mike

    I agree, homie need so save his cake and find a job quick. Don’t be dumb homie; get your life right and your money righter.