Earlier this month it was reported that some Senegalese women were tattooing their gums black to enhance their smiles. And if that wasn’t shocking enough, now comes word of another bizarre beauty procedure in Nigeria, where men are tattooing their bottom lips pink. Black inferiority complex is still an issue with in our society.

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  • President Ward

    Damn, @Moor WTF?!

  • presto 2.5

    We dont have to go to Africa to see crazy shyt like this…jus open ya front door…

    we got niccas wit icecream cones on dey face…but we glorify dem…broads get’n cement in dey azzes get’n full spreads and shyt…stop it

    and im sure this “Trend” wasnt started by a random “i wanna be white” emotion…rather started by an African Version of Lil Wayne…Lmao!…but Realtalk…#SoEasilyInfluenced

  • E-Dub


  • jamar

    this is some real week minded sh!t…this planet is one big hell.

  • bighomie53

    C’MON MAN!!!!!!!

  • dusty

    hahz come on son why didnt you write nigerian men instead of african. yes nigeria is a part of africa but this title make it seem like this is a trend african amen does while its only in nigeria

    • Fun

      Because people are so ignorant and short sighted. I hate when people say things like “I went to Africa last summer” Hello! which part of Africa did You go to?… because the last time I checked, Africa is a continent, not a Country.
      Am sure this is not a trend that is catching on in Nigeria, because even Nigerians see it as absurd and ugly (I am sure one or two people in any country have done something other people think is stupid and know they would never do).
      The guy doesn’t look any better, matter of fact, to me he looks worse, he went from being just ugly, to ugly, weird and scary. Leaves you wondering why the guy working at the store didn’t get his black lips “fixed”