New Nike Air Jordan XI Concord Release Madness (Video)

· December 23, 2011

This morning people all over the US lined up for hours today to be among the first to tie on the first Nike retro Air Jordan basketball shoe that debuted today.

In Seattle, police reportedly used pepper spray to break up fights among shoe buyers who pushed and shoved outside a Seattle area mall to pick up some of the first Nike retro Air Jordans.

Seattle TV stations report hundreds of customers had been waiting for hours outside the Westfield Southcenter mall and police were on hand to control disputes that broke out over line-cutting or pushing.

Hundreds of customers also lined up for hours outside stores in downtown Seattle and a mall in Federal Way.

One buyer walking away with the shoes told KING-TV it’s a classic style and the shoes that retail for $180 are selling for $400 on the Internet.

In Lithonia, Ga., at least four people were arrested in a mad dash by customers hoping to purchase a pair of the new Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes at a suburban Atlanta shopping mall.

DeKalb County police told Fox 5 Atlanta that up to 20 squad cars responded to a mall in Lithonia early today. They said a large crowd broke down a door to get inside before a store opened.

Police say they escorted most of the people back outside, but took four into custody.

Officers said they had to break a car window to get two toddlers out after a woman went in after the shoes. They said she was taken into custody when she returned to the car.

The Associated Press contributed information for this report.

Who copped these today?

  • LouieV

    I got my pair but a few days ago. But Imma head so Imma always come on top. I’m from the chi so mikes are a must. Shit sad wit the the baby situation.

  • Aviata

    i got mine. in fed way it was rididculous im tool old for this mess though, youd a thought jesus was handin out passes to heaven. merry christmas though the j’s are official R.I.

    • Aviata

      dont mind the spellin errors i pulld a 24 hour day for these joints i cant even see straight right now

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    Consumerism Is the New Slavery

    Main Niggaz Hollerin about how bad the economy is Be the First Ones spending Money.

    and that’s why Capitalism will win every time

    • B Strait UP

      U gotta point

    • Hahz

      You can look at as a quick flip cop em for $150 and sell for $500 online. They got eBay buzzin right now. It’s no different then the iPhone.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Hahz always trying to take up for these silly coons. I’d bet a lot that half these silly niggas are on some form of public assistance. I ain’t standing in line for nothing other then to register my kid for school. That stands on black Friday too. Pics like this are painful to watch. We’re truly the lost tribe.

        • Hahz

          Moor you hate when other races stereotype black people but you do the same thing. Every kid copping Jordans can’t be all labeled in one group. You basically said all the people who bought Jordans are poor and on welfare but if a white man was quoted as saying that you would go off.

          • MoorFedayeen

            I said half Hahz, h-a-l-f. And of course I’m gonna be biased when it comes to my race and defending them against the way others talk down. I was simply adding on to what Red was saying. Sh1t looks mad stupid. Lined up for some motherf@ckin shoes when I doubt any of these cats would line up to vote a sucka ass n1gga out of office. peace

        • LouieV

          Yo momma a coon bitch. I go to work everyday, take care of my family, pay for my daughter to go to school, run a clothing line and mentor boys on Wednesdays. So fuck you homie. Niggas always hatin on shit especially when they don’t have it. You the same niggas trickin off on these hoes and spanking ur dicks to these pics.

  • too_funny

    I seen white folks lined up for the IPhone the same way.

    • MoorFedayeen

      But that’s technology, not to be seen with. It’s also silly too but not like this. End welfare so degenerates like this die out.

      • Now thats Pcp

        Sun u sound foolish n racist….if u moorish, u make ya tribe look bad with yoyr willie lynch commenting

        • MoorFedayeen

          Read a book nigga. How else would the crack epidemic would of survived throughout the 80s & 90s? Am I lying or are u just stuck on stupid. Welfare was put here to hurt us.

  • too_funny

    I’m not waiting in line for any shoes i could’ve bought 20 yrs ago or that came out when i was a kid for that matter.

  • 614

    Red of teamchocolate that is the realest sh*t you ever wrote.

  • 1luv

    I got late in the galleria here in Houston and there was a long line outside. I hear one dude say he was going to buy 3 pairs and sell them online. I’m glad I am not a fan on Js, that’s like another monthly bill.

  • RunTellDat

    Black people in a nutshell right here. Just ignorant as hell when it comes to sh!t like this. White people just sit back laugh at us. smh.

    • Playboy69

      @RunTellDat… STFU…U TIM TEBOW STAN!…White people LOVE TIM TEBOW!….LOL!

  • 614

    Guns and Buttter.


    Its funny how people get out and line up to buy shoes , but cant get out and vote, IM just saying, Lets just see the same go getta attitude on real issues and not materialistic things.

    ON that note i still have my originals and i pre ordered 4 pair of the new release just to make a profit, YUUUUUUPPP

    Happy Holidays folks,

  • Cris jones

    On my couch now waited in line 4 three hours at lenox mall footlocker
    An I sell them for 600 bucks now call me size 9 6789491239 my name is Shouldhave Gotupan wentwithme call me now

  • onthegrind

    First of all MJ is the greatest bball player to do it for his time. But as a humanitarian he sux, I live in charlotte and we never see nor hear of this dude doing any charity, visiting any hospital and yes i have done plenty of community service work here. And if he does donate its for tax reasons, there is no MJ rec center nor MJ anything. But as a billionaire i dont appreciate the lack of visibility, yet he wants us to buy his products. And mostly medium to low income folks are the ones trying their hardest to get them. Yet Jordan does nothing in the community to appreciate the support for even “buying black” to say the least. Thats why when starburys came out I bought 2 pair because I was buying into the idea of stephon marbury trying to help the community by selling $15 sneakers. Jordan is selling $150 shoes when folks are struggling to keep the lights on and rent paid. Despite the fact that he was the best baller of his time, I dont care for him. peace

    • Playboy69


  • jfizzle

    Election year coming up hope they get out and vote like this.

  • big d

    jordan laughing his way to the bank thanks to every dumb asses buying his shoe. half of them fuckers problably owe child support. $180 for some jordans smmfh!

    • MoorFedayeen

      +1 I know me and Red ain’t the only black men with sense in here. That’s why i voted #TeamChocolate.

      • queso

        Smh niggas wouldn’t be lined up like this if it was a new book comin out.

  • @terryplease

    Fuck voting. Fuck Jordan. Dat shit was ridick last nite. As much as like certain jays I’m neva waiting n line fo dat shit again. I knew goin up Der it would b my last. Jordan is a rich bitch n if I c him I don’t want no dap or no autograph, he need to make enough so people ain’t embarrassing dey self out there. I’m mean real talk errbody was actin a ass from southlake to gwinnett. Bein witness to dat shit shows how fucked up people mind state is wen u can throw away human reguard for sum shoes. On another note 500 I’m gon cop gucci or prada, jus sayin.

  • http://atlnightspot Sohated313

    That’s a whole lot to deal with. I grabbed em last night tryin to hold out, but ended up droppin the $350.00 for em anyway. Not bout to do them lines, and possibly get disappointed.

  • antonioduan

    I can’t rock those shoes where i’m from if you know what i mean? And let’s be serious, majority of people who buy those shoes are predominately african americans and empirical and statisical evidence supports that fact. White people and other races spurge differently than african americans. A white person can be wearing a $5,000 dollar suit and shoes but you wouldn’t know, lol.

  • d

    not that serious, people who got those were youngins that aint had a pair of jordans before, i still got them same pair and the black on black patton leather ones in good conditions…

  • Playboy69


  • juice

    Too bad they aint like that for skool or church… One day we will learn

  • Blackman77

    some black folks continue to embarass the race. Where are our priorities? This generation is really messed up

  • Panicky Pete

    Because all the “good black men” aren’t there raising their children to be respectable citizens. Since there are so many, remember???

  • brick city kid

    If it ain’t Jordans its Little Wayne and Drake tickets or Hair Weaves or spinning rims..the colonialists have us mesmerized over Baubles (cheap things of no value) and selling our souls out like the natives did with NY to the dutch. I bet the average person in the line knows nothing about W.E.B Dubois or know what a 401K is. We create over 30 billion I believe in wealth a year but rank at 17% unemployment in the nation. Over 90 percent of the jail pop is AA brothers. Over half of AA homes are headed by a female not a male. Come’on ya’ll shoes? We got to get our priorities in order. We have lost our way. Our forfathers have paid a HEAVY price to get us where we are today. I think we lost it.