NeNe Leakes was pictured with a kool-aid smile at a group lunch, due the massive sized rock now occupying her finger. Tilting her head lovingly towards Greg and giggling, married life certainly agrees with the reality star.

NeNe and Grey tied the knot for the second time last month in a $1.8 million Atlanta ceremony witnessed by 400 friends and family – including Kim Zolciak, Fantasia Barrino and Vivica A. Fox.

Pics via GoldenEye

  • Suzette

    We know she bought that ring herself since Gregg is broke!

  • Debbie

    Nene is rich bitch!!…and Greg is not broke get ur facts straight!!….jealousy is a bitch ain’t it???… .dumbass!!

    • BLo

      Check your facts, she’s wishing and spreading the gossip that she’s a rich bitch. Bravo & Ne Ne paid for her ring. Check the forbes listing. Sure she has more money now than before as announced she received a raise finally that it took her awhile to receive as a reality person. Her fifteen minutes of fame is coming down, as it was extended due to Glee and a few other guest spots. She has to hustle in LA. She didn’t get off to a good start on HWof Atlanta, she was so ignorant, and under that rude, jealous towards some of the ladies and others in the beginning of the show and that turned a lot of watchers off. That ignorant attitude didn’t get a plus sign in LA.

    • Alley Oop

      Debbie, there is no need to call Suzette a bitch or a dumb ass (2 words not 1) becaue you don’t agree with her comment. I wish females stop referring to other females as bitches. It is ignorant and rude. Learn how to express yourself in a mature fashion. Furthermore, why would Suzette or anyone else be jealous of NeNe?!

  • redbone1954

    I was wondering he sam thing Uh how did Gregg pay for a ring I do watch the show and I have not heard one word about his source of income IJS

  • Marina

    Was a fan of Nene! She is now acting like the real Nene. Not only was she fake her ring is a fake, it never shines. My opion is her and her husband trying to scam Brovo …..she’s a manipulator. Don’t know why she’s paid the most she has lost so many fans because of her behavior towards just people in generally .rude remarks. I bet if they lowered her pay she would still stay because she has”arrived” lol…stopped watching that show she is the hater of all!!